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YAG after affects

I had YAG laser done on both eyes 17 days ago.  I have a film and a swirly sensation in both eyes.  The clouding is mostly gone but has been replaced by this situation.  I also have the sensation that I have been crying for hours, 24/7.  Has anyone experience this affect?  Can someone tell me if it cleared and how long that took?  I saw my optometrist Tuesday, and it was suggested that I use some allergy drops.  So far that only soothes a bit, but does nothing about the film.  . Also my eyes have not "stabilized" from the cataract surgery.  First 10/13, that was redone on 5/19/14 and the second eye 6/2/14.  
Thanks for any help on this for me.

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What a coincidence!  I just saw this now, and too had one YAG and now dealing with the Hemorrhage on my optic nerve!  So did the YAG cause your issue at hand and has it since cleared up?
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Hi Pat,

I just saw your post here too.  I am still struggling with my eyes,  and feeling quit frustrated.  It sounds like you are too.  I had the YAG  in both eyes, the same day in Sept.  That seemed to clear the cloudiness, but not solve the glare problems, and my eyes are extremely uncomfortable. So in October I started using Restasis and it seemed to help for a while, not great but some until March and then my eyes began to swell all around and burn and water.  I think I became allergic to that.  (which of course is very rare)  it seems it all is very rare lol.  So I still could not see very good with my right eye, still have not been able to get a prescription for glasses that works, I do a lot of memorizing (I sing in two choirs) and that is probably good for my brain but very tiring.  About 2 months ago I finally said to my Dr. that I needed to see better and needed to know why I was not.  She arranged an appointment with another specialist, with impressive degrees.  He did a deeper scan and believes my eye structure is "irregular" and so my cornea is forming around that (kind of like a mold) and is quite certain that removing my cornea would not solve that, because it would form like my eye.  So his suggestion is to try a hard contact lens, that would make the shape round and stop the distortion.  I went in today to get fitted for that, and they did some tests with a sample to see if it helped and it seemed to clear things quite a bit.  So now it will be whether I can tolerate the hard contact lens well and deal with that.  My eyes are so irritated most of the time I a concerned that I may have some problems. But I will try, because it seems I am running out of options.  That Dr. will do the procedure of removing my cornea and letting it grow back if I want him too do that.  But he is saying he does not think it will solve my vision problem.  I sure have learned a lot about eyes these past 2 years.  I am sure you have too.  I hope you are doing better, it is so trying to have these eye issues.  Sleeping is about the only time to get some relief it seems.Let me know how you are doing please.
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