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colorful ring that appears in my eye periodically

I get this colorful ring and either one of my eyes sometimes both that looks like it's a ring shimmering like water shimmering scared to death
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I've had similar visual "migraine" distortions for years. For me, they start as a flickering multicolored distortion in my central vision. (It shows in both eyes simultaneously.) No headache. Over the span of 5-15 minutes, the distortion expands in a semi circle until it goes away entirely. It also seems to be associated with some sinus congestion/discomfort.
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thanks for your comments
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Cannot make a definative diagnosis from such a brief description but the most common thing in a younger person would be "visual" migraine (does not have to have headache) in an older person cardiovascular or central nervous system disease might be a cause. Start with seein an ophthalmologist Eye MD
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