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crystalens trulign

other than the advertisement provided for this product (and the research study that is available to view), I can't find much in the way of opinion on this IOL.  My surgeon has told me that I am a very good candidate for this lens, given my astigmatism and the fact that only one eye needs cataract surgery (my non-dominant eye).  He hopes to give me vision good enough that I can see my cell phone without glasses, etc.  I am looking for any feedback, questions I should be asking, or expectations.  My surgeon has just reached his 10,000 cataract surgery, and I suppose that is good?  should I be asking how many toric or accommodating lenses he has worked with?  thanks in advance.
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This is basically a Crystalens with a toric component.  I have put some in and the patients have done very well.  The Crystalens, in my opinion is the hardest premium lens to hit target and is harder to implant.  If your surgeon is experience with this product you should do well.

Dr. O.
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status post implant 3 weeks, my near vision is excellent, but arms length is when everything becomes blurry and distance is horrible.  explanation is "the calculations were off".  sought 2nd opinion with Dr. Pepose and he offered empathy with the situation but basically I chose the wrong surgeon, who is an excellent eye surgeon in this area, well respected and sought after, but just has not had experience with this lens.  the critics were NOT kidding when they said "seek out someone who has done this a lot".  Now I know, but now dealing with contacts and monovision adjustments is overwhelming, and if only I would have gone to see a surgeon who knows how to use this lens.  It is a different lens and I believe has a significant learning curve.  If you have any idea about how the calculation could be so off that I only see clear 10 inches out, I would appreciate your best guess.  I did have scleral buckle, but surgeon not sure if that may have been a factor, did not really think so.  To patients considering this accommodating lens, if you are in the St. Louis area, Dr. Jay Pepose has done a lot of these lenses and would be able to give you an honest opinion on this lens. I would have it done again tomorrow under his care, if he recommended it for me, so it is not the lens that is the issue, it is the experience, IMO of the surgeon.  

Dee Lewandowski
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