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detached retina

I am writing for a friend who had cataract surgery on one eye and later had a detached retina in that eye.  She had several surgeries to repair but none were completely successful.  She has recently had cataract sugery on the other eye and now has a small hole in this retina (discovered Friday 10/10/08) and they fear another detached retina.  Would appreciate any suggestions on a doctor that has a great deal of experience and success in surgical failures of Retinal detachment in hopes to find the best to avoid eye sight loss in this eye.  Would consider anywhere in US unless condition limits travel. Lives on east coast.
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Lastresort, I highly recommend Dr, James Bolling with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,. Florida (which is on the east coast)
He is not only a respected surgeon , but he is a kind and caring doctor.
He was my "last resort" and I am very thankful that I found him.
Good luck to you and your friend. and please let me know what you decide and how it works out.
God bless you!!!
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Can you tell me what problems you had with your eye and how the Mayo clinic has helped
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I had many complications from botched cataract surgeries including , pain ,corneal problems,infections,secondary catracts, vitrious problems, and a retinal tear
and hemorrhage . Mayo detected the retinal tear and did laser surgery to PREVENT a retinal  detachment . They were kind enough to meet me there on a Saturday afternoon when I experienced symptoms. The surgery was a success (it has sealed properly) and they have been checking me often since June. I have also had two yag lasers for the  secondary cataracts .Trusting my doctors has helped me deal much better with
all of these complications,A caring physican is something I did not have until I got to Mayo..
To those who emailed me about my dry eye question--Thanks you so very much :O)

Lastresort keep us informed and good luck.
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East coast: Consider Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary/Harvard any/all of the good universities in the East (except Columbia) in my opinion have fine retina departments. John Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute or Wills Eye Hospital in Philly are arguably the best in the world.

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There are many fine retina surgeons that are not "well known" because they are not at the large academic centers and dont get the publicity and marketing.  I came across one such surgeon that took care of my husbands detachment.  My husband had suddenly lost vision and couldnt see anything.  We went to Dr. Milan Shah at the Midwest eye institute in indianapolis, IN as we were referred there.  He saw my husband on a saturday and did the surgery that weekend.  We were please with his compassionate manner, calmness and confidence.  My husband said recovery from the surgery was a breeze (except for the face down position he had to maintain).  He had no pain and didnt take a single pain pill.  He vision ended up 20/20 ... remarkable.   There was another patient in the waiting room that also had surgery by Dr. Shah and he was pleased as well.  I think he said his vision was 20/25.  We know of other people that have had detached retinas and they had surgeries by well known surgeons at big centers, but their vision never recovered.  I think we were blessed to have ended up in the right hands.
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