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failed lense surgery

My retina detached twice before I had cataract and lense replacement surgery.  When it got well enough, my doctor said I was ready for cateract and lense surgeery.  During the cataract surgey the Dr. said  "Oh no,  I dropped it."   Then he sent me back to my retina doctor for surgery to get the debris out of my eye.  I think I remembered that and a couple of other things because they cut off the medication at that point.    A while after that my retina detached again.   And again after that.  Now it has been about eight weeks and is holding.  

My question is, How often does tt happen that the old lense the doctor just loosened dislocate to the back of the eye?  I watched videos of cateract surgery and it looks like the only time is when the doctor makes a hole in the wrong place.  Am I wrong?   (I am a diabetic)
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The complication of posterior lens loss increases after a pars plana vitectomy.  There is not longer any vitreous support and the pars plana vitrectomy can at time damage the lens capsule.

Dr. O.
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Hi Dr. O

i had an RD 4 months and 1 week ago.  i had Pars plana Vitrectomy with gas bubble.  i also had a small retinal tear 2 months ago which caused a vitreous hemorhage.  the tear was lasered and is not resolved accdg to my doc.  

however, now I still have a light gray really close to the center of my vision.  reading is a bit challenging.  an OCT i had almost a month ago was good accdg to my doc and looked almost like my good eye's OCT.  the flourescine angiogram was ok too accdg to my doc.  

1) so what could this light gray area be?  it is shaped like a small boat with a tiny tiny sail on the right side.  i cant see through it.  
2) will this light gray area go away?
3) the doc said it could take a year to 2 years for the eye to get better and better.  is this true as well?

please help.  just need some answers.  thank you sincerely in advance...
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