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intra nasal coretcosteroid effect on eyes and general lack of response

Hi doc
Me and my mother both suffer from allergic rhinitis..I get post nasal drip and she gets runny nose..both of ours symptoms get resolved if we take antihistamine like cetrizine + montelukast. But if we take fluticasone nasal spray, there is no improvement at all even after month..both of us get no relief from nasal sprays...even tried metaspray (mometasone).

What is the reason behind this?? Is it genetics? Or the corticosteroid is not getting absorbed?
Or its getting absorbed but not producing result.

I want to know for general medical knowledge that if there are no results, does it also mean that corticosteroid will be unable to produce any of the side effects since body is not responding.
I know that corticosteroid used in nasal sprays is anyways local application only but it also has " increased eye pressure" as a rare side effect. my eye pressures hover around 20-22 , how safe for someone like me would it be to take and for how long ? 20-22 on applnation gold standard but puff test even gives reading of 25-28, dont know why . optic nerve healthy as of now...no cupping .
Persons not responding to steroids also mean they won't respond in terms of side effects in general? Is it true?
lets take an example of pred forte eye drop which is a steroid eye drop. it fails to curb inflammation in some patients and then durazol( more potent) is used...But does it also mean that prednisolone eye drops wont be able to increase eye pressure in such patients?

thanking you heartfully
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your first question is not related to the eye.  Prolonged use of nasal steroids has a higher association with cataracts than steroid glaucoma. Prolonged use might arbitrarily set at 6-12 months or more. The response of the eye to steroids tells nothing about the same person responding to oral or nasal steroids.  The response to the eye is often dose related and steroid specific.
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