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is this what you call ghosting or double vision? what is the cause of this?

i took a photo form the internet and edited it to look like what i exactly see (i'm probably having ghosting and/or double vision)

these are the photos

original: http://imageshack.com/i/fvg46jp
what i see:  http://imageshack.com/i/5m1fpep

original: http://imageshack.com/i/jtkbj8j
what i see: http://imageshack.com/i/jnwcinp

original: http://imageshack.com/i/mr9o8jj
what i see: http://imageshack.com/i/10te1mp

please tell me what could it be

also, i would like to add
2 months before i had this ghosting, i suddenly had a nearsighted vision, then it got worse in just a matter of few weeks and months which is really unusual

i can see halos and starburst
it is really annoying specially when i cross the road during the night, i find it really difficult to tell when to cross since all i can see is like the high intensity stars coming near me (cars traveling) and it really hurts my eyes. I am sensitive to light ever since i had this halo/starburst vision problems
the starburst looks liek this: http://www.iovs.org/content/46/7/2627/F4.medium.gif

my vision in right eye is more blurred than the left eye

my near vision is okay, I can read text's meters away, i can read books whithout any problems

even before i had this vision problem, i was like addicted of rubbing my eyes hardly (everyday) because my eyes are itchy , could this be one of the cause?

please help me
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The pictures do not show true double vision, but an unfocused image with a ghost image around it.  This can be caused by an uncorrected refractive error, cataract, or a problem with the cornea. You need to see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation to include a refraction and a dilated exam.  Rubbing the eyes is known to be associated with a corneal condition called keratoconus.  If your eyes are itchy, STOP rubbing, use cold compresses, chilled artificial tears such as Refresh Optive, or an OTC allergy drop such as Zaditor twice a day.
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also, i cannot focus in class. I am about to fail in almsot all of my subjects just because i cannot really focus on what the teacher writes on the board

this happens when i am far from the board



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