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mass behind the sys ball (cavernour hemangioma)

My brother has been asked to get CT scan of his rt. eye orbit becasue his rt. eye was bulging for last few months and his CT scan report show that the bulging of the eye is becasue of the some "mass behind the eye ball". let me write the whole CT scan report below.

CLINICAL INDICATION: swelling and bulging of right eye since six months.

There is about 3x2 cm well defined low density mass in the retrobulbar region of the right orbit lying posteroinferior to the orbit and the optic verve, it is impressing over the roof of the right maxillary antrum causing some bowing.
The CT HU of this mass is around 12 suggesting this to be a fluid attenuation.
Multiple small internal septations also identified in this lesion. The appearance is highly suggestive of lymphangioma. This mass is causing significant proptosis of the right globe.
The optic nerve and the orbital vessels appear normal.
The eye museles of the right orbit appear unremarkable.
The left orbit appears unremarkable.
Very low density fluid attenuation well circumscribed mass in the retrobulbar right orbit which is lying posterinferior to the right globe and optic nerve, the apprearance is highly suggestive of lymphangioma,probably the secondary to multiple previous surgerys.
This is less likly to be a cavernous hemangioma.

SOme Doctor suggest for surgery.
Please do help me to know the right expert Dr. or Clinic  for this in ontario/Canada to whom i can contact and get the guidance .Also if any body can let know what does this operation cost us.

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I don't know anyone personally in that area but there is excellent program at University of Toronto Department of Ophthalmology, Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery 416-962-5005.  The surgery should be covered by Canada's nationalized health care, I presume???

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Thanks very much for the reply, can you please give some e-mail address where i can send reports to get the advise,
any specific Doctor's name
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i live in Toronto Ontario, there is a very good eye clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. (university health network)
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I appreciate you reply, thanks very much.can you please let me know the complete contact info fot this hospital i.e. e-mail, website, telephone, and any other info regarding this through which i can have appointment and discuss with Doctor of that clinic. As i am not in Canada so before comming i must need an appoinment.
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if you are not in Canada i dont' think you can see a dr. here. To see an opthamologist you need to be refered by a general practitioner. You  can not just call up the hospital and book an appointment.   I have a referal from my GP to see an opthamologist for a 2nd opinion, (my current Opthamologist will not help me and ushered me out the door) and my appointment is not util until May 2008. Thats just how it is. if its an emergency you have to go to the emergency department.
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