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paranoid about long term eye infection?

Hi, A good few years back I had an eye infection which lasted for about 6 months. About a year ago I learned that it can be a cause of an STI. Since then I am so paranoid. I've had kids and everything and not sure If I was even active at the time I got it, but can't stop thinking about it. In general I'm paranoid about all things health related. I've had 2 tests that came back negative for STIs but I'm still paranoid. It started off bad and then turned into mainly swollen eyes for a few months with some discharge. But If I got it, I would have had it for 8 years now.
Any info. as to what this could have been or if it;s any way possible that I could still have an STI after all these years?
Has been so worrying all this time so I finally want to know if I'm just completely crazy
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It is not likely that you would have a chronic conjunctivitis caused by a sexually transmitted infection and then would go 6-8 years without developing other signs of a STI or reoccurrence of the chronic conjunctivitis.

If you have had a battery of tests for STI which were negative and a normal eye exam then time to get over worrying about this and get some professional help dealing with your anxiety.

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I am truly appreciative of your reply. I assume then that it was just one of these things that happened. Could have been an allergy to a cat I got around the time, or something it had. Or possibly something to do with eye makeup I was using.
This is the last bit of evidence I needed to know to convince myself that the problems I have are mainly in my mind.

Thank you so much, I feel more free now and know that I can tackle this problem effectively with a psychologist, rather than trying to treat the "health problem"
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best of luck and good physical and mental health
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