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pink eye and ghosting

I had severe adenovirus conjuctivitis 6 months back . But I still have ghosting in my left eye which is causing my severe headaches . My vision is still 20/20 in both eyes and last I checked with the doctor she said there are no subpeithelial infiltrates in my eyes . what should I do . Please help me .
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Seek a second opinion with an ophthalmologist.  Severe headaches should not result from resolved conjunctivitis.  The ghosting may be a refractive issue, even though you measure 20/20 on the eye chart.  There could also be some higher-order aberrations in the cornea causing the ghosting.  
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Actually my work invloves working 10-12 hours in front of the computer , that is what causes headaches without work I dont get them . and I also did the pin hole test and found out that I dont get ghosting while looking through the hole . doctor has given me a prescription of cyl -0.5 axis 180 , but I even get more headaches by wearing that actually by wearing those glasses it feels like my facial muscles are streched, I am scheduling a appointment with cornea specialist this week . Do you think RGP lenses might help me .

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