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prp laser

I am being treated for complications from CRVO.Up to date I have had 2 Lucentis for Macula edema.
My recent FA Scan shows a large area of non-perfused peripheral retina, that my RS wants to treat
with Targeted PRP Laser.
I have been diagnosed with Non-Ischemic CRVO.
I have been told that I could produce VEGf which would promote Neovascular veins,that are Damaging
to my sight..But I have read that Non-Ischemic CRVOs don't produce this hormone can you confirm this?
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If you have a large area of ischemic or non-perfused peripheral retina, then your CRVO is partially ischemic.  This ischemic area of the retina will produce VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), which can increase the risk of neovascular glaucoma and macular edema.  I agree with the targeted PRP to the ischemic retina.
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Thank you for your answer..might I add that I have just been recently
diagnosed by my RS with Non-Ischemic CRVO.
I am almost 24 months into my Occlusion., my VA as been from the start
with correction 20/30, my present M Edema is measuring on OCT as 280.
My eye pressure as been normal throughout.
I feel that my condition as now become stable..
I have been reasearching to obtain info Re this treatment.,& reading what
the Renowned Mr Hayreh says regarding this.Laser treatment..
He Contraindicates this for Non-Ischemic CRVO.
Also I believe Neovascularization does not affect Non-Ischemic CRVO.
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Hi, I wonder if you could take the time,to give me your view on my above
I really need some answers before I attend my Eye Clinic on Wednesday.
As The proposed PRP is scheduled for then,,& I am very unsure about
going ahead with this treatment..Thank you for your time..
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