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random eye pain

I recently was sick wht i think the flu, and i also had a really bad sore throat...The first day that i felt better, i woke up with eye pain behind the right eye...it seemed similar to a sinus headache, but now it won't go away and its been a few days. i don't notice it unless i strain my eye in a direction, like if i look up or to the sides. sometimes if i move my head really fast i kind of feel it as well. I just want to know if this is serious, or just my body recouperating from being so sick.

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It could be sinusitis possibly.  The orbit is surrounded by 4 sinuses, so if you have an upper respiratory and sinus infection that could possibly cause discomfort around or behind the eye.  It's also possible that you have some inflammation of the eye or the orbit itself.  I suggest you see your primary care doctor and have an evaluation for sinus disease.  A CT scan of the sinuses could be very helpful depending on your findings.  Also, you should see an ophthalmologist to look for any abnormalities of the eye or orbit.  Good Luck.

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