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same problem with eye crossing

Hello, I saw your post regarding your eyes feeling like they cross involuntarily and for very brief periods.  That is my problem as well.  I am concerned because it seems to be happening more frequently for me and for longer periods of time (and at inopportune times like driving one time).  I thought it might be migraines but can't be sure.  What struck me as "coincidental" to your story was I too have a hypothyroidism.  I'm curious if that could really be the issue.  I just started taking a medication for the hypothyroidism, but these spasms were occurring a while before this and still occur after taking the med.  I do wear glasses for near-sightedness, have had lasik surgery about 12 years ago (was glass-free for many years and only started wearing them again in the last 3-4 yrs).  Any info would be great!

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You should see a strabismus specialist to determine the problems.  Thyroid can also cause a strabismus.

Dr. O.
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Hello !
I am a 15 yo male, perfectly healthy. Since I was 10 i am experiencing floaters. I have a medium size C one, that can change to a S, J, O, 9 or a 6. When i read on the internet it states my floater matches a Weiss ring floater that is caused by a PVD(my floaters has strands).

I visited 2 different Ophtalmologist and both said I dont have a PVD or any other sort of retinal disease. It occured once at my balcony in winter of 2008. I was scared to death. They chacked the back of my eye with a microscope and an ophtalmoscope and nothing was found, actually he said that I have a very healthy retina.

If it is a PVD, why would it occur. I am myopic(verry little) but at that time I had 20/20 vision. I was a swimming champion then
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