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symptom of retinal detachment or normal optical phenomenon?

The optometrist thought she saw a small hole on the periphery of my retina.  The retinal specialist she referred me to said it was not a hole, just a "variation".   To be on the safe side, he said to come back in 30 days just to make sure nothing has changed.  Gave me a few things to watch out for (though he didn't expect any of those things to present themselves).  One of those was seeing "like a curtain coming down".   Right now, I was standing a couple of feet from the computer and looked at the ceiling.  When I looked back down to the monitor, I saw instead of glare, something like a veil or like white smoke/fog/steam.  I did it a few more times and saw it every single time.  Where glare should be, there is instead soemthing milky and looks like it moves.  Like looking through a white, sheer veil but just where the computer is.  I covered each eye and it seems mostly on the eye that was NOT suspect of having a retinal hole.  My vision is otherwise normal.  Since the eye exam I do notice more floaters but the doctor thinks I'm just focusing more on them now.  So, is this fog/ sheer veil I see  in front of the monitor the "curtain coming down" thing he told me to watch out for?  or is this an normal phenomenon that maybe I haven't noticed before?  I only see it when my eyes go from the ceiling to the montitor.  Please help!  I don't want to undergo another scleral deprssion if not needed!
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It is possible that what you are seeing is a vitreous veil/floater and not a retinal detachment.  If your retina specialist has Optos in his office, this can image the retina and reassure you that there is no detachment.  Don't neglect new symptoms.  A scleral depression exam is not pleasant (I have had several!), but it is far preferable to missing a retinal tear/detachment.
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