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zoccasional zigzag peripheral vision

I suffer from occasional zigzag peripheral vision for many years . Until recently , these episodes were very infrequent , perhaps no more than four to six times per annum . Recently , they have become far more frequent , often twice or three times per week . What is the signifigance of these episodes , amd what is the cause. ..``````````````````/
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I have simular problems and was diagnosed as optical migranes.  After about 30 minutes it goes away.  No pain just distorted vision. It happens more often after I'm in bright sunlight. My zigzags are more in the center.
I just get in the dark.
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Use the searach feature and read about eye migraines. You do need to see an Eye MD. Sudden worsening of eye migranes can really be due to TIA due to disease of heart, brain, eye, blood vessels.

Find one at www.aao.org

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