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long periods

i am having my period every month but i get bothered because it's always long but light periods. in fact i just use a panty liner during my period. it lasts unti 14 days or two weeks is it normal? i hope you can help me with these. me and my boyfriend is sexually active and we are trying to have a baby for one year. do you think i have a problem? pls helpppp!!!
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Hi Angelica,

This is a good question and I am not sure if you saw my response to your question last week but I will repost the answer below just in case. In order to give you an exact answer I would need to see you in person for a full history, physical exam, and review of your lab results. I recommend you see your personal physician to get a more definite answer.  

Menorrhagia is defined as heavy menstrual bleeding lasting for more than seven days, and it sounds like you are having very light bleeding lasting for up to 14 days. Your doctor will ask you many questions regarding your personal and family history, and it will be helpful for him/her if you can keep a careful record of your monthly bleeding patterns including how many pads/tampons you are using each day.

Menorrhagia has many causes, including uterine fibroids, polyps, certain birth control methods, hormonal problems, and bleeding related disorders. In post-menopausal women we always want to rule out cancer of the uterus. Your doctor may also want to check your blood to make sure you are not anemic from losing too much blood.

Below is my previous response with more information regarding infertility and irregular bleeding.


If you have been trying to get pregnant and have been having regular unprotected sex with your boyfriend for two years, then I recommend you see your physician to figure out why you have not gotten pregnant yet. Infertility is defined after one year of unprotected intercourse, and it is a very common problem.

I cannot give you exact answers to your questions without knowing more of your medical history and doing some lab tests, but in general infertility can be due to a female factor, male factor, or both.

Are you aware of when you are ovulating, and do you make sure to have intercourse during those days of the month? A great tool is this free MedHelp Ovulation Tracker (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-cycles-period-ovulation/id335875911?mt=8). You can track when you have your period and it tells you when you are in your most fertile window.

If you have been having sex for over a year during this fertile window and still have not gotten pregnant, then there are some tests I’d recommend you and your partner getting. I recommend your partner get a semen analysis. Tests for you include thyroid tests, FSH, prolactin, and progesterone. Your doctor may order a hysterosalpingogram to examine your anatomy and make sure your fallopian tubes are not blocked. If you are overweight you may have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, in which case I would recommend weight loss and possibly a medication called Metformin.

Since you are having regular periods with regular cycle lengths (between 25 and 35 days) then you are likely ovulating. Your period can last for up to 7-8 days, and a small amount of brown discharge for a few days at the end of your period is normal.  

It sounds like you are having some irregular bleeding now. Sometimes women can get some spotting with ovulation -- this is not dangerous and can be normal. Recent changes and stresses in your life or body, such as stress, weight gain, or weight loss, can also cause changes in your period.

You could also be pregnant: irregular bleeding sometimes occurs at the time of implantation, and other times can occur because of a real or threatened miscarriage. It can also be a sign of a dangerous complication of pregnancy called an ectopic pregnancy -- if you are pregnant and having abdominal pain and bleeding, you should go to a doctor right away to rule this out.
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thank you for the answer doc. but it's not heavy bleeding. i went to a doctor 2 years ago and she said it was hormonal imbalance. she gave me a birth control pill but i only used it for two months then i stopped . until now im not using any medication and trying to conceive.

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