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Donor Egg or 2nd IVF attempt?

I'm 39 years old, no pregnancies to date even though I have been off the pill for 9 years. Tests showed that my husband's sperm has normal motility and number, but morphology is low, so RE recommended IVF with ICSI. We did 1 IVF cycle last month. 1month birth control pills, followed by 150 menopur/300 Gonal for 10 days. They retrieved 7 eggs, 6 matured and 3 fertilized into grade 1, 2 and 3 embies, uterine lining was 11 mm, but no pregnancy. The clomid test showed my FSH to be 5 on day 3 and 24 on day 10. High FSH disqualified me from the IVF share programs. Insurance covers nothing. I'm tempted to do IVF with donor eggs, but RE recommends trying with my own eggs again. I am a very realistic person. I also don't want to have a child over 40 because it is unfair for child in my opinion. Is someone with my FSH level likely to have a biological child? Would I be more likely to conceive using donor eggs? What age group should I look for in donor? I can't afford to pay for an IVF, followed by donor eggs. I can do one or the other. Can you please advise?

Much appreciated.

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The factor that contributes the MOST to the success of an IVF cycle is the quality of the egg.  So, if you want to fast track to success, and are not terribly particular about DNA, you could go with donor eggs.  You do have a chance with your own eggs, but it will be less likely to be successful--with a donor, you MAY qualify for the IVF share programs.

If you do go with donor eggs, remember there are fees involved with that--really good proven donors charge more, and you have to pay expenses too, as well as some legal fees.  If you do go with a donor, you should absolutely go with someone under 30.  I would suggest going with someone who has had previous success too. The advantage here, is that you may get MANY good embryos, so you may have some left to freeze for future pregnancies if you don't want an only child.
Also, having a baby with donor eggs doesn't prevent future pregnancies of your own.  Honestly, I don't think most people care about the DNA once they hold that baby!
Good luck, and we'll have our daughters freeze their eggs!
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I think you might want to try another RE. You are always intitled to a second opinon. Because what one Dr. wont do or willing to try another one is.
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