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Question re: chance of future pregnancy after salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy

I was just curious about your opinion re: my chances of becoming pregnant (without assistance) after an ectopic pregnancy and salpingectomy (1/4/11).  Here is the rest of my history:

I am almost 33 years old (next month).  My husband is 27 years old.  I have no other history of miscarriage or previous ectopics.  My remaining tube and the other structures in my pelvis appeared normal during my ex lap.  I have a 22-month-old daughter who was conceived our first month trying.  This ectopic pregnancy was conceived our second month trying.  I do not smoke and I had no other risk factors for an ectopic before this one occurred.  My husband and I are at healthy weights also.  

Also, how long would you recommend waiting before trying to conceive again?
Thank you!
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If you were my patient, I would not hesitate to bet that your chances are very good of having another pregnancy soon.  I would probably recommend a wait time of 3-6 months before trying again.  There is a theory that if the egg is ovulated by the opposite ovary from the tube which picks it up, it might just slow the embryo down enough to result in an ectopic pregnancy.  I have a personal friend with a similar situation.  She had one more planned pregnancy and an "OOPS" after her ectopic.
Good luck!
Dr B
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