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Sperm Count and Motility

My husband just had a sperm count & motility test done.  I called the nurse for the results and was told everything was "good" we could proceed with the IUI.  I asked for the actual results and called to get a better understanding, but they want me to come in for an appointment.  Can anyone ellobrate these results?

3.0 ml  ph=8.0  0 - viscosty  (can't really read what the word is)
29.95 mm total or 9.95 m/mm or m/ml
31.9% motility

Thank you, Julia
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Here is a great page for information on semen analysis: http://www.ivf-infertility.com/infertility/investigations/male/semen.php

It looks like they didn't give you a count (total number of sperm), and that the motility is low.  This would be worriesome if you weren't planning IUI.  When you do IUI, they will do a sperm wash, this concentrates the good forwardly motile sperm, so usually the post wash motility is higher.  They will then put the sperm directly into the uterus (by passing the cerivix and giving them a better chance).  I don't know what the count is, but the motility is OK--as long as you are doing IUI!
If the IUIs don't work, the next step to consider is ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) in which the sperm is injected directly into the egg.  This is an IVF procedure, and is significantly more expensive than IUI, so lets hope the IUI works for you!

Good luck!
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I was going to say that the motility looks really low.  Doctors like for it to be at least 60% unless the sperm count is really high, then a lower motility rate isn't as concerning.  I don't think it matters as much when you are doing an IUI.  Good luck with your IUI!
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hi...my husband recently had surgery to correct his low sprem count/low motility problem. the doctor said that if the surgery didnt increase his count then we might have to get artificial insemination. is that iui that you are getting. if you dont mind me asking, how long have you been trying for? thank you and good luck!
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