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Vaginal Changes after C-Section Birth

I had a Classical C-Section January 5th. and I noticed I feel very different down there in my vagina. My question is, what changes happen to you after your C-Section birth of your child? How long until it goes back to normal? Does it go back to normal? and What happens if you have sex before your 6 weeks is over?
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If you were my patient, I would be somewhat concerned that you feel so different from before.  Most of the changes happen above the cervix and vagina and shouldn't affect the lower genital tract.  I would definitely want to do an exam to be sure everything was sewed back together properly.
(I have heard of a case in which a woman's cervix was found inside her bladder after she had a c section.) The case I described is an extreme one.  Probably the changes that most people feel are related to swelling and fluid shifts.  Most of the changes get pretty much back to normal--nothing is ever quite the same (sorry!)
Many of my patients did not wait the entire six weeks.  Those who did knew what they were coming home to on the evening of their postpartum exam!
I have rarely seen a complication from "jumping the gun" but always recommend the six week wait too.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thanks for answering my question Dr. Elaine its nice to have a Dr. on here to answer the questions you have when you get home. :)
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