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septated uterus

ok quick history. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for three years with no luck.mMy period and ovulation are normal. Ive had two surgeries one removing a 7cm paratubal cyst the second was to remove an ovarian cyst. Two days ago I was in the emergency room for a ruptured cyst. They did an ultrasound while I was there where he told me that my uterus is septate. No doctor has mentioned this to me before. I have had a laproscopy done during my second surgery and my doctor told me I have no lining in my uterus but nothing about it being septate. My lining is now at 9mm. My question is this. Why do I get so many cysts. The second is what is a septated uterus and how can it effect my chances at pregnancy.  What can be causing my infertility and if my uterus is septated is there a chance that my previous doctors could have missed it?
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Sorry about the confusing info. To try to clarify:

1) The paratubal cyst is unrelated to the ovarian cysts, and is something that you were probably born with but which enlarged at some point for reasons that we do not understand

2) Regarding your ovarian cysts, what was the pathology? If they were follicle or corpus luteum cysts, then these are what we call 'physiologic' cysts. Physiologic cysts develop in women every month as the egg matures and is released, and usually are not greater than 25 mm (about one inch) in diameter. Some people are prone to cysts rupturing. Sometimes cysts grow to be quite large and need to be removed. I do not know why some women have trouble with cysts, and others do not.

3) A septum is a wall in the uterine cavity. If you go to www.google.com, then go to GOOGLE IMAGES, and type in uterine septum you will get a good visual. Septums are only significant if they are longer than 1 cm. Ultrasound, hysteroscopy, and hysterosalpingogram (an xray) can all diagnose a septum). Septums are more often a cause of recurrent miscarriages than they are a cause of infertility. If the septum is large and you are having trouble getting pregnant, it can be removed.

Are you seeing an infertility subspecialist? I believe that your history is complex enough that this would be a good and important step. With infertlity, one has to look at the big picture - e.g. am I ovulating? What is my partner's sperm count? Are my tubes open? Have the surgeries caused adhesions that may prevent me from getting pregnant, in addition to determining the significance of the septum. An infertility subspecialist can help sort these issues out.

Good luck
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hello. I have done many IUIs and 3 failed IVFs, nothing worked. Then I changed my RE. My new Doctor did water U/S and saw that my uterus is septum and there is  a small polyp. She suggested hysterescope. During surgery she cleane up everything. She told me that septum part of my uterus  did not have blood flow, so basically there is not enought room for embryo to implant. Month after my surgery we did FET (frozen embryo transfer) and now I am pregnant with twins. You should ask your Dr about this. Good luck. Hope I was a little help.
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