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Starting steroid on day of embryo transfer

Hi, I had an embryo transfer today and was told that I could start steroid (20 dosage) today 'but there is no proof that it does harm or does good'. I don't know if to start them as other protocols are to start them before the transfer and so don't want to do any harm. So don't know if to take them or not. Can anyone give me any advice please?
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Hi, after 2 weeks from transfer I am pregnant but still on 20mg steroid (prednisolone) a day, (plus cyclogest x 2 pessaries, progonova x 6mg, aspirin). what is the normal protocol for coming off steroid when pregnant my clinic doesn't appear to know!
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If you were my patient, I would advise you to follow your doctor's recommendations about the medications.  Your doctor has presumably developed protocols over a period of years that have resulted in the success rates that were quoted to you when you selected this doctor or clinic.
Following the protocols will give you the best chances for success.
IF you do have an issue with a particular medication, it is also best to discuss that with your doctor so that he/she knows if you have chosen to deviate from the protocol.
Good luck!
Dr B
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