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is it hydrosalphix or endometriosis why IVF failed?

i stumble on this site in the hope that someone might give me any info about my condition which is so similar to one member..i had three laparotomy between 1999 and 2009.

with my last laparotomy, it was found out that my left fallopian tube was attached to my intestine..on the same tube, now comes the hydrosalphix.

i had my IVF done July 2010 and failed. my doctor told me, it failed because i had my endemetriosis and hydrosalphix at the same time. she also said, that endemetriosis won't be much a problem but the hydrosalphix would..said i should do about the hydrosalphix and not the endemetriosis..is this true?? nevertheless, it's my decision to continue the transfer, so the doctor can't be blamed if my IVF failed.

i wanted to do laparotomy before i do the second cycle of ivf..but i was warned that in doing so, it might damage my colon, etc..what is the best thing i should do?

i willing to risk all to do the second cycle and conceived..advise is much appreciated.

thank you.
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hi doc. thanks for the reply.

both of my doctors said, it would be useless if i go to another laparotomy knowing my fallopian tube and intestines were already attached..i'm confused and scared. said even in laparoscopy, my tubes can be clipped. but the question is, can risk my life??? i don't know what to do..

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If you were my patient, I would offer you the option of a laparotomy. If you have already had 3 laparotomies, I would be reluctant to consider laparoscopy.  At laparotomy, it should be possible to remove or at least clip the tube with the hydrosalpinx.  I would enlist the aid of a general surgeon in the event of a bowel injury.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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Hi i dont know much about endomtrios but with regards to hydrasalpinx i had 4 failed attemps at ivf  in 2000-2004 but no-one picked up the hydro and the embroys did not implant resulting in miscariage i then was on the monitoring cycle last year of my 5th attmept new ivf clinic who picked up the hydro during the scan and tols me i have to get tube removed before proceeding with treatment . I went for the tube removal but it cudnt happen because the tube was too close to my bowels and for safety reasons it was drained and clipped, my gyno said it was sufficent as the hostile fluid wont get to affect the embryos. ..u shud speak with your gyno or go peivate and get second opinion on your situation ...wish u the best.
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