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2 pos opks? HB shingles

I dont know when I ovulated.  I had positives day 12 & 13, quit testing.  Lots of BD before, during, and after. Then had fertile-like cm & tested again day 19 which was positive. BD that night and had a lot of cramping and what seems to be ov pain. HB had not been feeling well & just tried for sake of trying. Then we found out he has shingles!! So I asked for no more from him as he was in pain. Today is day 24 of my cycle. Yesterday & today I had cramping, worse in the AM & then sporadic & not too bad throughout the day.  (took Clomid 100mg for the past two months since I dont ovulate) I dont know what day post ov I am but I took a test today & BFN!  I dont know if it is too early or just another neg. (we have tried for 2 1/2 years off & on due to med condition) Usuallly I cramp moderately from ovulation until AF. Not until day 23 this time. Every month brings different things so I just have to wait for AF. I am just extremely discouraged since Clomid has given me so many side effects the last two cycles and then HB gets shingles.  BTW I am "slippery" when I wipe and small amts of clear/creamy cm in panties...hope its not too much info.  I wasnt even going to get on here this month!!  But I would love some advice!!
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How many days is ur cycle?  If its 28 u prob tested too early.  I would wait a few days and test again.  Use first morning urine and a pink dye test like first response early for accurate results good luck
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My cycle is usually irregular. Not knowing for sure when I ovulated, I dont know for sure the length of this cycle.  Either 28 or 38 days. The past three days I have been cramping in the morning and then very mild or not at all throughout the day. Isnt that strange?  Thank you for your input, and any more you have is very welcome!!
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