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3+ years married and trying to get pregnant

We are trying to get pregnant since one year almost but didn't succeed. Then we went to a doctor, she gave her HCG injection for 3 consecutive days to boost fertility. We were expecting it to be successful this time but again today she had her period. This is making her sad and I fear this will lead her to depression as she want a baby desperately. July 2018 we had a stillborn in the last month and it was a very bad phase of our life. Please help and suggest what way we can get pregnant early.
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I'm sorry to hear about the situation you've found yourself in.. Stay strong!
If it's already a year of unsuccessful trying you'd better go and see a fertility expert. She'll want you both to pass different test to look for possible reasons why it's not happening. Sometimes it's enough to add some vitamins and supplements only. Sometimes women need some more progesterone like those with short luteal phase.. All in all, there are so many reasons! You just have to study your case well together with a professional. Apart from me being old and fat there was no explanation when I stepped down ivf path. My case must totally differ from yours.  The thing I did differently though during shot#2 (successful) was reflexology. I was advised to try eating more pineapples and brazil nuts. Also taking vitamins before and the way along. I'm currently in the 3rd trimester. The thing I wanna say is this all is so much individual! Please do visit your RE as soon as possible to get the stone rolling..
I'm sorry to hear about the stillbirth you experienced one day..This must be horrible to survive. As specialmom says, it would be professional if they had investigated the case well.
Praying for you both and waiting for the updates.
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Hey there.  First thing to know is that it takes on average for all couples at least a year to conceive.  That it is taking you a year and still no baby is not outside of normal.  I know it is a roller coaster ride when you are trying to get pregnant though.  Depression is not necessary as 95% of couples that desire a baby will go on to have one which means the odds are in her favor.  Does she take her temperature?  This helps us understand our cycle more closely and I can tell you how she should do it.  Also, does she get a regular period?

I'm seeing that you had a late trimester still birth.  I'm so very sorry!!  Did they ever look into why that happened?  That's going to leave a lot of emotion.  Do you see a fertility doctor as of yet?
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