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Hello Ladies,

I believe today is my 7DPO.  The FF said I was ovulated on CD11.  To me, i don't think I was.  I believe I either ovulated on CD13 - CD15 because on CD12, I started have ovulation pain on my both side.  

my symtoms are: bloating, tender breast, maybe increase appertize, and sleepy all the time.  AF should come visit me either on the 28th, or 29th.  Will see what will happen this month.  I don't have any good feeling about this month, but still not give up hope.

Wish all who in 2ww have easy time and stress free.  I used to be very stressful on 2ww, but now since many months of disappointment, i learned to take it easy on 2ww.  

SSBD to all
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Yeah, I'm not too enthusiastic about this month either. I tried clomid for the first time, and had NO cervical mucus around o time! In addition, like you, I'm having a little bit of a hard time figuring out the exact date I ovulated. And lastly, I have no sore BBs at all this month. I'm 9 dpo or so today.

So, I guess we just have to wait and see. Still hoping for the best, though...

Tons of baby dust to you too :-)
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Taking it easy in the 2ww isn't that an oxymoron?   LOL.   Yes, very good idea.  I try that every cycle.  It usually works for the first week and then I start going down.  You are wise to try to just take it all in stride.  I hope you have a happy ending to your 2ww.

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This cycle i am medication free.  no clomid, no estradiol, no prometrium.  I tried naturally and let my body ovulate by itself.  I am tired of medication.  The truth is clomid did make my uterus lining thin.  it's only help to stimulate the ovary to release eggs, but didn't help on the lining.  What's the point to have many eggs release, but no lining for the eggs to implant.  so i decided to stop medication.

Tell you the truth.  It's hard not to think about it.  I do think about 2ww, but i am not aggresive anymore about this.  If it's happen, I wil jump up and down like a lunatic, but if not, i am ok. go shopping to forget this cycle and start new cycle.  

Good luck to you Heather5 and babyalive.  Hopefully both of you will get BFP.

Take care
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