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8 days late, brown discharge, negative pregnancy test... HELP

My husband and I are trying to conceive and have been trying for only a few months. I am currently on day 39 of my cycle, and the past few days have had some very light brown discharge (not any blood) and had a negative pregnancy test this morning. I have never had spotting before. I had been on birth control for so many years, since I was 18 (now 26). The first month I was off of it, my period came at day 30, was heavy with cramping for 4 days. Second month was on day 40, heavy with cramping for 4 days again, but no spotting before hand. This month is different again. I am just wondering if it is still possible for me to be pregnant or if the brown discharge is something else. I took a home ovulation test on day 20 of my cycle, feb 3rd and it was at peak. So I am 19 days post ovulation (today is feb 22). Not sure if it is just too early to test or if the spotting is normal, it is not blood at all and it is thicker like discharge, just a light brown color Any advice or if you've experienced this would be super helpful. Thanks so much!
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Hi there. Am answering late too. But would really like to know how things are going for you now. What was it? did your dr find anything about it?
Looks like some old blood. I sometimes have it prior to menstrual bleeding. Other months - just vice versa: bleeding then brown spotting. My dr found nothing bad. But we all are different, so it's preferable to make sure everything's ok.
Hope you're feeling well.
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What ended up happening?  did your period show?
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Hi!  Sorry for the late answer.  This can be a little tricky to figure out sometimes.  You just stopped birth control recently and that often causes hormonal changes (obviously) and late periods, brown discharge are all common with that.  It could just be that for why you are currently late and have the discharge.  

But you also never know.  Every woman's body is different when pregnant.  You can always test in one week intervals in case you ovulated later than you think and your just too early to get a positive test.  

Here are my getting pregnant tips . . . start tracking your cycle (which it sounds like you do).  First day of period is cycle day one.  Count from there and then on cycle day 10, start having sex every other day for the next 10 days (or longer if your cycle is longer than usual as yours has been).  Every other day is important for sperm and this timing usually will catch an egg.  Also, I high recommend temperature taking. Take it every morning very first thing before you get out of bed and chart it.  You will then be able to tell exactly on what day you are ovulating as your temperature raises 1 degree once you have ovulated and stays high until you start your period and then it lowers back down a degree (unless you are pregnant and then it stays high.  Two times my temp stayed high . . . and I have two kids.  :>))  

It takes most couples a year to conceive so don't get discouraged!
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