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9 Days Past embryo transfer

Hi All,

I am new to this site. I have had embryo transfer 9 days before (3rd Dec) and i have now started to feel that AF is coming. I had several IUI's with no results and this the first IVF.

Me: 30 yrs
DH: 32 Yrs

Mild PCO/Unexplained Infertility

No. of Follies: 14
Eggs Retrived: 14
Fertilized: 11
Mature blatocyst: 8 (4 - 4AA, 2- 3AA, 1-2AA, 1-2BB)
Transfered: 2-4AA on 3rd Dec
Rest 6 frozen.

Today is the 9dp5dt. I am very nervous and feeling like PMS is coming. Yesterday i had a cramping in the evening  and the it disappeared. No other sysmptoms, just a little vomitting today.

Please help. Feeling very down.


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Hi Naina,

I had my transfer on 12/3 as well!  I have been having similar symptoms, with the light cramping at first almost like I was getting my period, now nothing.  My breasts were extremely sore before and that has seemed to have subsided now as well.  Of course, I have no idea if this is good or bad.  I have read many posts on here that say to pay no attention to symptoms because they are different for everyone and that the meds can create things too.  

When do you go in for your pregnancy test?  I am going Thursday.  It feels like forever from now......

I will pray for you and for a BFP!
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Hi jca85,

Even i am going on thursday. Even i'll pray for you.

Good Luck

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Good luck to you too Naina!  Prayers and positive thoughts!!

Thank you for your prayers too!
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Finally.... HCG Report: 667

Yeppiieeeee... I am pregnant. Hope this goes on well through out.

JCA85....I want your result to be +ve soooooooo really much... I have my fingures crossed for and will keep praying for you.

Take care and be +ve.

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Congrats!!!! Woooooooo hoooo.

I just had my transfer yesterday and my first beta next week on the 20th.  

I have a question for you ladies and your suggestions.  I did a LoGo IVF.  Which is a low dose of stims because I produced my follies and all my levels were normal.  One benefit was the cost.  So I got :
6 retrieved
3 made blastocyst and hatched on their own  
2 transfer
But question is. Is it worth freezing one embryo?  Suggestions on what you will do.  
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I Guess yes. Even single embryo has ability to grow into a baby. and you will not end up paying again. But I am sure you will get BFP this time itself.

Just try to be busy in other things any try not to think about it in this 2 week wait.

I'll pay for you that you get BFP.

Take rest as much as possible and dont look for any symptoms. They generally dont occur. For me i thought that it was negative till i saw the report.

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hahaha.... not pay... its pray..... It was hard to pay for myself....LOL
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Thanks,  I feel the same way but just thought I should have at least two.   Hubby wants to freeze the embryo too.  I have till my beta to make let them know.  Thanks for the prays....
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I'd freeze it cause all it takes is just one. I know the chances might be less with a frozen one, but it does offer another chance. We just go our bfp, and we froze the one other blast that made. It was very good looking and they rated it the best you could get. This was our last ivf chance and god answered our prayers and then some. All I wanted was for one to make it to our day 5 transfer, and we were blessed with two. We only transferred one of them.
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