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9 days late , BFN but sore boobs

Hi there, my period has been between 30-32 day cycle. Has been plus minus 1-2 days (coming either on 21st - 23rd of the month since last few months). Started to become a little more aware since we started TTC. My last period was on 22nd Feb and it’s currently 3rd Apr but nothing!! I’m getting BFNs too. Usually I get sore boobs 2 weeks before period and cramps. This time round the sore boobs and cramps came only after I expected my period! Boobs has been really sore but still BFN.

I was never so late till I ‘skipped’ a month. Wondering what might be the cause? Wasn’t really stressed this month but took Elevit and Pro Uro. Started Elevit 3 weeks ago and Pro Uro (for balancing my vaginal PH value as I’m prone to yeast infection). Elevit was recommended by my cousin and Pro Uro by my doc. Does this happen to affect in any way? Jus wondering. Really

Still having sore and heavy boobs , cramps that come on and off (which resembles PMS). I used ovulation test kit in Feb and I got a positive on CD 17! Which means I ovulated either on 6 or 7th of Feb.

Doc said if it still doesn’t come in a wk, come in to get a blood test done. So that would be in 4 days time! Any input would be good!! Thank you!
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This is a rough one, trying to figure all of this out.  Could you possibly be ovulating late and the sore breasts are happening during the normal cycling of hormones?  Or have you just not triggered a pregnancy test yet?  I would imagine that they will first give you a urine pregnancy test at the doctor and then consider the blood test.  It's a tough time for going to the doctor right now unfortunately.  I think though that a blood test would indicate any HCG at all in your blood.  

One thing that I found really helpful was temperature taking.  You take it first thing in the morning, every morning and chart it.  you'll start to notice a pattern.  The beginning of your cycle, you'll have a specific temperature and then once you have ovulated, it goes up one full degree.  It stays high until the day you start your period or the day before that and then it drops back down the degree . . . UNLESS you are pregnant, and then it stays high.  Mine stayed high twice, both times pregnant.  It's really good for an extra piece of information.  

So, what day are you on exactly now?  I am trying to figure that out.  
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Thanks specialmum :)

Im on CN 42 now! I’m still really confuse. Usually my boobs get sore but the soreness goes off before my period is due. But this time round the soreness has been there for quite awhile (same intensity of soreness) doesn’t seem to be getting less sore. Strange.

Ok i will try taking tempt next cycle but I gotta figure out when thhat will be when nothing is coming. Sigh. I took in total 4 pregnancy test including one which detects the lowest level of HCG at 10 but still negative and not even a slightest line I could see.

Do you think Elevit or Pro Uro might have cause any delay? We had intercourse on 9th and possibly 14th or so of March. Had an yeast infection on 17th and took Pro Uro and subsided. Ive been getting yeast infection the last 2 months only as well. First 2 times I got it ever. Everything has settled within 3 days of consultation.

What you suggest I should do? What would u do? Thanks again for ur reply !
I do think different things can delay us.  Yes, taking different products can do it.  Just major issues with our routine can cause us to be late!  And with everything happening in the world right now, I'm sure you are like everyone else, stressed with a change in routine!  

I think I'd wait in one week intervals and take pregnancy tests if your period hasn't come.  I, by the way, had a period of time in which I'd only get a period every 3 months and had pms symptoms starting three weeks into that (including breast tenderness) due to an under active thyroid and too much estrogen in my system.  It went on for about a year and a half for me like this.  So, this can happen too  But I'd test for pregnancy say one time per week.  You can just do good healthy things like eat well, get rest, no alcohol or smoking, etc.  take a solid multi vitamin with folic acid.  But only test once a week. After the covid 19 scare is over, go to the doctor.  Tell them you aren't getting your period. They will rule out pregnancy and then work on why.  That's what I'd do.  :>)  Hang in there.  hugs
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