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Acupunture before FET

Hi everyone,

We are doing frozen embryo cycle in MAY 2014. This is our last frozen embryo and then we don't have more funds to do any more IVF, so our last hope to have baby , which like all of you guys , we want so DESPERATELY.

So we are trying to do everything which can possibly help in implantation (this is the only issue we have) and that's why we want to try acupuncture this time.

If any of you ladies have any experience with acupuncture and want to share your experience we would love to know how it ended up for you, how early you started to have acupuncture before your cycle, for how long you did it, how many times a week, and did you take any herbs with it.

we will GREATLY appreciate your help and advise
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didn't have herbs as part of my protocol but I'm sure they can't hurt.

I swear by acupuncture!  I think it really helps things along regarding fertility treatment. I've done ivf twice. Both were fresh cycles and both resulted in pregnancies. First ended I'm miscarriage at 22 weeks (cervix issues, didn't find out until too late). The second have me my beautiful twin boys!  

Ok, so, both times I started acupuncture around the same the as birth control protocol. Its normally twice a week. Then you have a session right before retrieval, cool days after retrieval, day before transfer and day or two after transfer.  Once pregnant, you still continue weekly sessions until abt 14 weeks.  Then you go one a month or so our as needed in second trimester.  Them more frequent again in the third to prep for labor. i  

I feel it works in prepping the uterus to receive and his the embryo for implantation, among other benefits. Id say go for it since its your last embryo. You want to make sure your try everything.  Oh and i are pineapple core for five days starting the morning of the transfer. Is supposed to help with implantation.  Not too sure abt that but i tried it anyway both times!

Good luck to you and your family!

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You are so lucky you have twins what more anyone can ask for .
Yes I am going to do acupuncture and they going to do it once a week till my transfer which is in mid of May 2014. so it;s will be for almost two months.
We are hoping for good luck at least once though the quality of our last embryo is not very ideal, it's BC...which is you can say less than average.
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Good experiences with acupuncture here! I have a 15 month old son from frozen embryo from our first round of ICSI. I was taking herbs as well. I took care to check the credentials of my acupunturist and used a practise that specialises in fertility treatments.The herbs were supplied by a special farmacy on prescription of my acupuncturist. I had weekly treatments. I had started it before we knew we had to resort to ICSI. And the do do advise to start 5 or 6 weeks in advance. They try to get a treatment in close to the embryo transfer, just before or after.
We're now trying for our second child. At first I didn't do acupunture since it is a little harder to plan with a small child. But after 3 unsuccesfull transfers (1 frozen from 1st round, 1 fresh 2nd round and 1 frozen from 3nd round) I decided to go back to acupuncture to maximise our chances. Since than 1 transfer (last frozen embryo from 2nd round) that didn't take and we are now in the stimulation fase of our third round.
The research on wether acupuncture helps is a bit on the fence (some articles positive results, some articles say no difference). For myself I feel it really relaxes me and that at the least is a positive influence. I have faith in it.
Let us know your redult in May! Lots of babydust to you!
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