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Any miracles????

Hi Ladies:  Have there been any miracles lately after age 40.  I'm 42 and considered high risk.  I need to hear some great stories to feel good right now.

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Hi Ange,
Take a look at the TTC over 40 group and the 35+ group.  You will find some hope there:)
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I've 40 and just had my first IVF.  My nurse told me at my clinic that they have many women who are 45 with "not that great of eggs" and still conceive.  So, there is hope out there.  All the best.
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I am 38 and I am doing my third ivf and I am looking for some hope and successful stories also. From millions of eggs that we have we need only one that lucky one to make us happy. Is it so much to ask?
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Hi ladies --I may have a little miracle in the works but it's still very early in my pregnancy to be sure.

I am 44 (+10 mths). I did 2 back to back IVF cycles using my own eggs and got a BFP on the 2nd try. My protocols were very simple repronex & lupron: 5 good mature eggs on the 1st try -3 fertilized and were transferred (2=8 cell + 1=6 cell) on day 3 but none took.

There was ONLY 1 great egg on the 2nd try which we implanted on day 3 (10 cells). It implanted against all odds and am now 5 wks 5 days pregnant. Had my 1st US where we saw the sac & fetal pol but too early for heartbeat (this sat we'll have another US to ck for a heartbeat). Keeping my fingers & toes crossed!

I have twin 5 yr olds which were concieved by a 3rd IUI attempt 6 yrs ago with the same doctor (I just love him!).  I had two miscarriages in between the IUI's but was able to hang onto the twins after being on progesterone since the day of the insemination.

When I first consulted about IVF he ran all the standard test and my FSH was 11 (don't recall the other values) but all in all he said the numbers weren't bad. He wasn't very optimistic about my chances since the statistics were so low and of course mentioned donor eggs. We wanted biological children and if we couldn't concieve that way we decided early on that we would just accept our fate and be thankful that we had our beautiful twins. Since this is what we wanted he was willing to give it a try. So here we are again and hopefully this little miracle will hang in till June 12th, 2010.

Wishing everyone much success with their journey!
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Just an update ... went for our 3rd US today. RE saw significant growth between the last US and this one. He states the baby is measuring 6wks 5 days and he feels it should be 7wks 5 days. The one wk difference concerns hims but he is taking a wait & see approach since everything else seems to be progressing well.

We saw the hearbeat which measured around 100 (I think this is normal for 6.5 wks but not sure?). He hoped that it would be around 160-170 but then again he is also assuming I am almost 8 wks pregnant. Even though it's somewhat off and there's a slight growth delay he's still happy to see the progress we made.

All in all it was a good appointment and he wants to see us in two weeks (11/6). I'm still not out of the woods but at least feeling alot more hopeful than I was last saturday.

Trying to stay positive!
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Good luck to you! I wish you the best  for you and your family. This is really inspiring.
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