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Anyone else have long implantation bleeding??

This is our first cycle ttc after a m/c. I am either 11 or 13 dpo. I had a temp shift, then drop then shift so fertility friend changed my O date forward. Anyway, my period is not due until tues. I'm not sure how regular I am as this is only the second cycle after my m/c. Prior to m/c I usually had a longer cycle, around 30-35 days. So I have had brown spotting for 4 days now. on the second day I had some very light red in there, but it has gone back to just brown. Some of it is a little chunky (sorry..tmi) but it has not turned into a red flow yet. Just a continuous brown spotting, and light brown water when I wipe. I can't remember if I ever had it this long before a period yet. When I was pregnant before (with the m/c) I did have implantation bleeding, but I don't remember it being this brown.  I do remmebr it lasted about 3-4 days, I of course thought I was getting my period, and am thinking I am right now..( i have tested twic and BFN...I do know it could be too early) anyway, I was wondering If anyone has experienced this type of spotting and were pregnant?

oh, my temp has not gone down, in fact it rose even higher today..from a pretty consistant 98.6 to now a 98.79

sorry so long.
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i have been preg twice, currently 6w3d's and i did not experience any implantation bleeding w/my dd but this time i did.  i had brown spotting on underwear and when i wiped after going to the bathroom i had light brownish/watery on the t.p. for about 3 or 4 days than nothing.  hope this helps... good luck!!
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I get this luteal phase spotting every month and it does always end with AF:(  I do have a little of this right now, but I'm hoping it's Imp. bleeding.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, too...
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Thanks ladies. It has subsided some today. There is still some brownish stuff, but pretty minimal. I guess we'll see what my temp is like over the next few days, adn I'll test again when I know it will be reliable!
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