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Anyone here beginning IVF cycle? (NOV 2009)

Just wanted to start new thread for anyone beginning IVF cycle during the month of November :)
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I will have blood work and US on Nov 4 to start my follitism + menopur for my fifth IVF.  ER on Nov 16 and transfer 3 days later.
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Hi, looks like I'm one day behind ya for the most part. I will have BW on Nov 5 to start follistim/Menapur for my first IVF. ER is scheduled between Nov 17-19, depending on how well those follies develop. Transfer will be between 3-5 days post ER, but my DR does prefer 5 day transfer.

My husband and I attempted IUI twice; first one might have implanted because I had one bright spot which was not usual for me, but nothing more happened after that...second IUI was BFP, so we decided to go with IVF this time.

We knew the odds were against us w/ IUI since sperm motility wasn't too high. We are hoping IVF will take. They have run several tests on me and so far, I haven't been diagnosed with anything. The disadvantage I do have is that I am in my mid 30's. I am hopeful and praying that this all works out.

p.s. did they put you on dexamethasone?
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Look like you have a good chance on this IVF since you're able to get pg with IUI and still in mid 30's.
I actually have BW on 11/5 and schedule exactly yours, just this morning he just wants me to see him 1 day earlier, but I don't know I will start to stim on 11/4 or 11/5.
I also have male factor and 39 and still try to work on the first baby. Got MC at 5 weeks and one ectopic pg.
I don't know about dexamethasone.  I have my last BC pills on 10/31 and still on lupron until 11/5, and stim. on 11/5 as well.
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I just realized I said BFP on IUI #2...not so, it was actually BFN. I am still hoping for the best with IVF cycle though :)

I finally heard back from my nurse last night; she told me dexamethasone is a steroid. She said this is used to help the embryo. I was worried about side effects, but since the dosage is prettly low (100mg), I did okay.

The good thing for you is you know you are able to get pregnant. I on the other hand have never seen a positive on an HPT. Regardless, I wish you much luck and hope all of us here can become preggo and bring a healthy baby to this world!
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My RE is very aggressive.  He transfer all available 5-8 embyos so I guess It makes me have more chance.  I have appt tomorrow, let see when can I start my stim.
I'm going to have 450 units follitims + 225 units menopur per day.....wow, it's a very high dose.  How about yours?
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From my understanding, my RE is planning to retrieve every single speck she spots (follies of course) - she thinks every little one should get a chance ( you never know) Depending on the grade, my husband and I are debating between 3 or 4...of course we're hoping that that many make it to day 5!!!

I'm going on 300 units of follistim, then to 225 units of Follistim + 75 units of Menapur which will again give me 300 units w/ the combo. As I had mentioned in a previous post, they're basing my med intake on how I reacted with IUI (they had me on Femara w/ HCG trigger).

Did you say you're going in tomorrow for your baseline BW? I can't wait for Thursday, hopefully it's good news for the two of us :)
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yes, baseline BW tomorrow.  I have not bleeded since I stop BC pill on 10/31.
Due to my age, I could not wait till day 5, so he always transfer on day 3.
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How did your appointment go? Hope all is looking good for ya :) I hope you mentioned to your DR that your AF hasn't arrived. I stopped BCP last night, so I should be expecting AF today/tomorrow. If I don't get it, I don't know what the DR will say. I hope this doesn't affect this cycle. I would assume since we are both on Lupron, that is keeping us from ovulating. I do recall my nurse saying something about it being good to get AF because it cleanses your body and leaves it ready for ER/ET (this is not verbatum)

Let me know how everything goes for ya? Take care and many blessings your way :)
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I started my first IVF cycle in October currently on Lupron, might start FSH this Friday.
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Hi there...I'm currently on Lupron, as is babywanted556 :) Did you already go in for your baseline BW? I'll be going in tomorrow for it and baby556 went in today :)

Have you tried IUI before or did you go straight to IVF?

Wish you the best of luck!!!
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Hi ladies, we're very closed on this cycle.
I'll have 375 unit of follistim + 225 unit of menopur starting tomorrow daily.  Monday will see he again to count the number of follicles....
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trying2conceive: How is your baseline appointment?  Are you going to start the stim. tonight as well?  Have some fun :-)
good luck to you, ladies.
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All went well, did U/S and lining was thin (how it should be at this point) and there were no cysts :) I got the call back from my nurse late in the evening telling me my estrogile and progestrone levels were good as well. This means I start Follistim tomorrow :)

How are you doing? Have you felt any side effects with Follistim?

I will be praying that this works out for all of us here, God is great!!!
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I just have follistim+menopur tonight and never have it before, so I don't have any side effects so far.  So you start to stim. on Friday as same as Kathyayani
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I am doing IVF for the first time this month.  I had my baseline yesterday.  Started lupron today and will start follistim and repronex on Sunday.  I am waiting for b/w results because I have a cyst and they want to make sure it is not functioning.  So, I may end up having to wait for next month.  DH and I seem to get in heated arguements when cycles start.  I hate that about this.  The tension and stress makes everyone on edge around here.  :(  Then it makes me feel like I should put it off anyway!  But, then that just prolongs what is inevitable.  It will happen again next month.  :(
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4Angie:  Sorry about the cyst and arguements.  I know every one is stress due to different reasons beside the infertility, and so am I.
I work 10 hr/day and got home helping my DH restaurant another 4 hrs.
I'm so stress everyday about my work plus my DH business loss, his employees turn over so high and short staffs and turn out I take over his staffs works.
I'm so tired but still try to avoid fighting (about eveything like business, infertility and so on...) by quiet and say nothing back to him because there is no arguement if only one person talk which turn out his lecture.
I'll pray for you cyst not functioning and you could start this cycle.  Waiting for your good news.
Best luck
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4Angie: perhaps you and your hubby need to sit down and discuss what is really triggering the tension/stress. I'm sure he's a wonderful man, but sometimes they need to be reminded nicely that you are going through all this and things need to be at ease. I'm sure it's not easy having to juggle all this but as with everything else in life, things come together at the end - best of luck to ya!

babywanted556 - how's everything going? I will be taking Follistim later tonight. I might have to give myself the injection (hubby working a bit late tonight). I didn't have any trouble doing the Lupron since the needle is so thin & small, but the syringe for Follistim is kinda scary looking :0  Did you give yourself the injection w/ Follistim?

By the way, sounds like you're really busy with work and all, but I certainly hope you are planning to take some time off during ER/ET. I will have some time from work to rest during this time in hopes that it results in a healthy baby (fingers crossed, both hands)
I have another appointment on Monday. I believe they will perform another U/S to check the lining of the uterus, but I'm not sure if they will be drawing blood again. I was suppose to get my AF because of the whole mix up with my BCP, but my DR said I should be fine since I've been on Lupron - again keeping fingers crossed!

Hope to hear from you soon - take care :D
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Same here, RE said OK without AF, I'm still able to stim. because I did BC and Lupron.  However, I was bleeding yesterday, it makes me feel much better.  I have follistim yesterday and it's easier than Bravelle/menopur which I used to have.  You will get use to it.
I always take 3 days off for the bedrest, just watch movie and sleep.  Nobody is at home so I take the microwave to my bed room to warm up the food myself....so quiet and no one borther me.  I'm really enjoy the bed rest time. :)
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Oooh, you're lucky you saw AF briefly. I wish I would spot at least, but I'm feeling comfortable as of now. I took Follistim earlier and things went well there. Like I previously mentioned, I have another appt. on Monday for BW and another U/S.

Are you getting excited as the date approaches? Do you know how many little ones you want transfered?

At this point in time, if all goes accordingly, I'm hoping my DR will transfer 3 little ones. We shall see. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll keep you posted once I get my results from Monday's appt :)
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Hi ladies...I am doing IVF this month.
I am currently on Ganirelix and Gonal F
Retrieval is next Saturday......I'm praying all goes well.
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FaithNhim:  we're all so closed on this cycle just one or 2 days behind.  How many/big follies do you have so far?  I won't know mine till monday.

trying2concieve:  This is my first follistim cycle.  Do you have any side effect?  Righ after I have the shot I just don't feel unconfortable.  It likes a bit dizzy and feel weird but just happen about 5-10 min then gone.  I feel a bit bloated since yesterday, it makes me worried about OHSS because I have this feeling on the cycle I got OHSS.  I hope everything end up fine.  About the transfer, we don't know since last 4 times we transfered all embryos as 3, 5,8,5.

4Angie:  Any news?
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FaithNhim: good luck to you :) I bet you must be excited. Is this your first time going through IVF?

babywanted556: I don't know if this is a side effect from Follistim, but I have been very gassy. I hope this is not a sign that AF will be inopportune because it would totally mess up this cyle. Oh yeah, I've also being making more trips to the bathroom. This could either be due to more water intake, since I'm really not drinking much else than that (juice, mainly in the morning). I'm keeping a close eye on my protein intake, but nothing too compulsive. Plus you're on Follistim + Menapur now, right? Make sure you are eating plenty of protein and call your DR tomorrow first thing to make sure things are marching as scheduled. Keep me posted!

p.s. I have another appt. tomorrow (BW, possibly another U/S - wish me luck!)
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I just returned from BW and US and waiting for the E2 result.  I'll have another appt on Thursday.
Right ovary has 10 follies: 9 of  8-11 and 1 of 12. Left ovary has 8 follies 6 of 8-11, 1 of 5 and 1 of 6.

How is yours so far?  Keep me posted

Best luck.
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Hi ladies....this is actually my 4th.

My first IVF-ended in OHSS...not good at all. I had to coast for three days..jeopardized my follies.
Second IVF-Dr said he did not do well on medicine and gave me the third cycle free as a result of the medicine issue.
My third cycle....failed IVF cycle.

I have had many issues with IVF but praying that all goes well this cycle.
I pray you ladies are successful as well.

My total egg count:
L: 13, 12, 12, 9, 9, 9, 9, 8 many smaller ones
R: 13, 12, 9 8, many smaller ones
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