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Begging for advice. Running out of hope:(

So me and my husband have been TTC since July. I stopped taking birth control in the middle of July and then we started trying.
I had a period in July and August. Well in September(the start) I took a pregnancy test on a Friday-Sunday they all said positive. I used clear blue digital, lines, and firs response line. Monday came along and I started to bleed, I figured I was having a chemical pregnancy.
We were upset but we kept trying. September 1st came around and I took a test when I was supposedly two days late on my period. They came out positive, since I was super excited called the doctor right then and set up an apt and it was on the 4th. So up until that day I took tests(clear blue digital and lines along with first response lines) they all came out positive. I went to the doctor on the 4th and took a pregnancy test by a pee test and blood, both came out negative. I later that night started my period..(good luck right?)After being disheartened from that, me and my husband kept trying. Well now it's October and I'm 7 days late. I took a test(clear blue) 3 days ago and it was negative, I took one today and it's positive. I go to the doctor and had a blood test and it said I was negative. How so?? And where is my period? I normally get my periods early if its irregular not late, along with prePMS and pre cramping but I have nothing.
I'm debating if I should go buy another home test and try it but  Im just not sure, they are expensive. I'm so confused on what's going on and if I'm actually pregnant or not.
Please help!

To add to my post, when I got home from my doctors appointment yesterday I took two tests (first response digital and lines) the digital said no but the line one had a faint but a for sure second line.
So I have had two positives and one negative home test and a negative blood test.
I do not know what kind of blood test the lab ran on me and I know there are two kinds of tests.
All I know is I still haven't had my period and it's not normal for me to miss one, its normal for me to maybe start a day or two early but that's it.
Anyone have anything kind of the same? I'm so confused, and my doctors don't have any explanations on why I have had so many so called"false positives" or how to answer any of this.

This is now three days later, this morning I took two tests(ept digital and first response line) and they both came out positive. I still have no period. I then called my nurse and she told me to come in and get lab work. I went in at 10 and got my blood taken for the qualitative blood test. Came back no. I took a pee test after and it came back with a slight line. She told me not to say I'm positive or false. They are running a proestragen  and a quantitative blood test. I will go in Monday and take the quantitative test again. Then I go wed to meet with my doctor and get results. The nurses had no idea what the reasoning is for all of this.
If there is anyone out there that has advice please please share.
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Got the months wrong.
First chemical preg-September
Second chemical preg-October
Problem at hand now-November
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Oh, I wish I knew something about your situation. I hope it turns out well for you! I have never heard of what this situation means. Good luck!
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wow this is odd.  U have gotten pregnant quick so dont lose hope.
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go to the dollar store and buy u several. they are cheep.
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