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Bilateral Hydrosalpinx


I have a bilateral hydrosalpinx. I have had one laproscopic surgery (4/2/08) to have the tubes opened.
The doctor was pleased with how healthy the fimbria and the inside of the tubes look.
The HSG (5/27/08) showed that the left side had a tiny bit of 'spillage'. The right side is still blocked.
Should I try the surgery again?
Is there anyone who is doing clinical trials? (Me being a 'guinea pig')
My doctors are pushing IVF and I'm just not comfortable with that choice right now, I'm 28. My specialist
said that in order to have a successful pregnancy through IVF, I'd have to have both tubes removed.

I appreciate any advice that I could get on this. It seems the more info I get, the more confused I get.
Everything I've read about the hydrosalpinx has challenged my optimism about getting pregnant naturally.

Thank you,
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Hi Lovely People!

Im new here, 23 yrs and have been ttc for the past 6months, nothing happened until i went through an HSG which commented that i have Bilateral Hydrosalpinx and both Fallopian Tubes Blocked...oh my God i have never been disapointed in my life, my husband have been so supportive and i really just wish we can have our little one. i foundout on some sites that there are herbal treatments that can open up my tubes and clearly put them to normal shape and that i will be able to conceive naturaly...but now i dont wanna purchase this herbal Kits if they are fake and money suckers, im so desperate that i belive the testimonies of people on these sites. is there anybody that have gone through this herbal treatments and successfully got pregnant naturally after such infertility problems??? please help me im really up to anything right now but i need direction from experts.
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I have a bilateral hydrosalpinx, but i want mine corrected, I am not ready for IVF yet.  I want to desperately conceive naturally.
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Hi to all,

The last post I created was in July 2008.
Since then, we have prayerfully pursued a domestic infant adoption.  As of October 2009, we are waiting for our baby that the Lord have chosen for us.  With some bumps along the way, I still have to thank the Lord for the peace that He has given me.  
My most recent appointment to the GYN (about 2 weeks ago) was not with my regular doctor since she stays booked for months out (she is wonderful!).  This doctor asked me questions about my method of birth control and I just laughed - not mockingly - because he was serious.  He explained that a hydrosalpinx can be intermintent. No one has ever told me that! But in all of this I have learned that doctors are people too.  Imperfect.  I have not researched this any further but I don't want to pull some kind of a false hope from this either.  
I do confess that being in an OB/GYN office and hearing all the pregnant chatter and looking at all the round bellies, makes the tears swell over the dam.  I usually maintain my composure until I get into the car - although I'd rather wait until I get home but I just can't make it that far!! My joy for all my pregnant friends is genuine - and I think most all of them are pregnant at this point!! But I find myself envying and coveting, not wanting to hear about their aches and pains. There are things that we will carry all of our lives, a cross that we will carry. This will be mine. And still I trust the plan the Lord has laid out for us.  
I appreciate all of your insight and support on this post and I would really love to be in touch with you and hear more about how things are going in your lives. Please visit my blog at www.vadanielwowens.blogspot.com and feel free to comment on the most recent post and share your information.
With Love,
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iam 33yr old was diagnosed with bilateral hydrosalpinx,had both tubes removed,now waiting for ivf in dec.i regret the procedure,its depressing knowing.my hsg showed fluid in rt tube and blocked lt tube before surgery my md told me she was going to remove my rt tube for sure but if she found the lt tube swollen she will take it out to inprove my ivf live birth chance.thats what she did.we want a child so bad being married for 8yrs.i pray  ivf works first try because we are not strong financially,pls let me know what worked for you.

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dear sara,
don't go by these doctor's advice . Don't do IVF  it is just a business.
I am same age as you and I have the same problem as you and they are recommending IVF for me and I don't want to do it . I just want o to do a surgery to open my own tubes to have a natural pregnancy.
I found a doctor that does the block tube surgery his name is Dr.Dan Martin and he is in Memphis Tennessee.
You can contact him your self.
I would love to go visit the doctor and unblock my tubes.
don't do the IVF you are young and you can get pregnant naturally.
treat your tubes.
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I have just been to see the specialist because I have a large cyst and fibroid she found in my notes that i had previously had a bilateral hydrosalphinx, i asked her to explain because I was told that i had ovarian cysts, she said it is when the fallopian tubes become blocked as the eggs cannot get out and the tubes then swell up, when they do the bilateral hydrosalpinx they cut the tubes to release the fluid but you only have a 20% chance of it being successfully (that would probably account for why I have not managed to get pregnant for the last 15 years (as I am now 44) she says that when patients come in with this problem now they do not cut the tubes and clear them out, they just cut them and you go on the list for IVF. As I am now back in the same predicament but this time with the cysts on my ovaries I am quite cross at not being told the full story in the 1st place as you can imagine, I would say go and get a second opinion just to satisfy yourself especially as you are only 28.
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Hello, any progress on this?  I think I have the same problem.. my hsg came back with 'moderate hydrosalpinx' on both sides, and my gynaecologist said she didn't like the look of the tubes but that surgery could damage them further.  I actually only went to her to sort out an increasingly erratic cycle but she seems obsessed with fertility as I am 42 and have been not getting pregnant for well over a year. We'd love to and it bugs the hell out of me not knowing what to expect - cycles sometimes 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off; 4 days on, 4 weeks off; best of all was menstruating the WHOLE of January...!
Anyway, don't think I am so desperate that I want to put myself through the trauma and expense of IVF, whatever the doctor says.  
Do you have a good source of information on all this? Like an essay or a step-by-step guide?  I am having to do it all in Spanish as am in South America at the moment and anyway not at all savvy about my own biology.  Have spent a couple of days wading through this site and though it has a lot of great stuff (thanks, people!) it isn't that easy to find and put together... (especially since much is written in secret code!)
Good luck!
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