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Breast swelling has gone down?

Hello everyone! First time posting but long time reader. :)

I am a lucky lady who met her dream fella a little later in life but we are happy to find each other, get married a few months ago and are hoping to have a baby despite age.

I'm 42 (almost 43) and he is 44 (almost 45). This is our first round of IVF and on Thurs, Feb 16/17 I had a 3-day transfer of two grade 4 embryos (very good grade according to our doctor and the grading system they use). They had 8 cells each.  

Following the HCG trigger shot for the egg retrieval, my breasts got REALLY swollen. This lasted until mid-last yesterday (1dp3dt) when I noticed the swelling had gone down substantially. I was very gassy yesterday, a little lightheaded and had cramping on the Right, left and mid part of my lower belly.

This morning (2dp3dt) the gas seems less, my breasts are still only slightly swollen compared to what I am naturally (like what I normally get before a period) and I am having continually shooting, twinges on the lower Right side of my belly.

We are longshots in terms of having a child, but my Dr is thrilled that out of the 5 follicles I grew, 3 of them had eggs and 2 were very high grade to use (the 3rd was way too large and couldn't be used). My lining and hormone levels were all also very good. So, despite our age, our Dr says we have already done well...but now the 2WW.

Sorry for the lengthy intro, but here is my question. Is it okay or normal to have breast swelling DEcreasing a few days after a 3dt?  FYI - I am on Crinone (8%) twice a day.

Thanks in advance for any info you might have one this. It is hard not to overanalyze things...
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