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CD 20 EARLY AF????

Hi Ladies,

Well once again i look to you for advice.

So last month i took Clomid CD2-6 this month we decided to have a "break" as i was getting lots of side affects. Last AF 13feb, so im now on CD20 i havnt had any signs of ovulation - although it is quite possible that iv missed the signs, i havnt been doing my temps or OPKs as this was our "break". So lets get to the point....
Earlier today i thought id check my CP when i wiped my hand i noticed a brown CM now iv been to the loo every 10mins to check ((lol)) and its now a pinkish red colour not heavy enough to be on my underware but there when i wipe, iv also been getting cramps.Now i know the only way to know for sure is to take a HPT when AF is due but thats still a whole 9 days away..
Iv now had 4 pregnancys never once have i had implantation bleeding so i wouldnt even like to presume. Iv also never had irregular bleeding midway through a cycle, The only time i had irregular bleeding is when i had 2 ectopics so as you can imagine this is now stuck in my head!!

Any opionions greatly apreciated :-D
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hmmm all these people on this forum and not one person who has had this!! very strange......Never mind!!!!
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Hi there!  I did have implantation bleeding with my last pregnancy, which was pregnancy #7 (4 babies, 3 angels) and the FIRST time i've ever had it.  But it came when my period was due, maybe 2 days early, and lasted 5 days like a light period.  But I've heard it can come earlier, like a week before you're due, so it's def possible!! Best of luck!!
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Thankyou very much for your response!!
I now personally think it must be AF its not as heavy as normal AF only very light and is now red, I also took a HPT about 20mins ago and was a BFN. I have read implantation bleeding happens when an egg implants and burts a blood vessel and this is normally brown as it takes a while to come out iv also been bleeding now 3days..still very weird because it would mean i ovulated CD6 when AF only stopped CD5 this is all too weird lol so think im out this month...Better look next time..

Thanks again for your reply
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Look at this.. Because we are in the same state with our periods..
What is implantation bleeding? and how do you know what it looks or feels like?

Imagine this scenario, You're trying for a baby, desperate to conceive. Your period is due in around a weeks time. You've been feeling quite crampy all morning, you go to the bathroom, and there it is, blood! Now you have start all over again. So you mark it down in your diary as an early period. and eagerly await for next month.

Over the next couple of weeks you start to feel fatigue setting in, you're tired and yet you don't know why. You may be feeling just a bit nauseas, with a stuffy nose.

All of these symptoms may be a sign that your last 'period' was really implantation bleeding. Did it happen around a week to a few days before your period was due? Was the bleeding quite light rather than a normal 'flow'? Was the colour the same as your normal menstrual blood? Implantation bleeding normally produces a pink or brownish blood, more like a light discharge or spotting than a normal period. How long did the bleeding last for? A few hours, a couple of days?

IF the bleeding did progress to a full menstrual flow, then it is highly unlikely that this was implantation bleeding. You may have just got your period a few days early. Although some women have been known to experience a period every month of their entire pregnancy!

Now link in any other feelings or symptoms you may have.

Light to moderate headaches.
A crampy feeling in your lower abdomen, similar to period pains.
A blocked or stuffy nose.
Sore or tender breasts.
Dizzy spells or fainting.
These are just a few of the many very early pregnancy symptoms that you may feel after pregnancy implantation bleeding has taken place. On the other hand some women feel no symptoms at all!

Without you even realising it, your body could be getting ready for the most amazing 9 months of your life.

Why does implantation bleeding happen?

If you have sex around the time of ovulation, and the egg is fertilized. It will travel on down the fallopian tube and into the uterus. It will then implant itself into the endometrial tissue. This is the blood lining that grows in the uterus. This causes a little of the endometrial tissue to come away from the wall of the uterus and flow out. Implantation into the uterus will occur within 6 to 8 days after ovulation, if the egg has been fertilized.

Pregnancy implantation bleeding is not a problem, it will not effect the embryo. Not every woman will experience this extremely early pregnancy bleeding either, Only around 20 or 30% .

It is normally too early to take a pregnancy test at the implantation stage. Hormone levels will still be fairly stable. So it is just a matter of waiting it out, and keeping those fingers firmly crossed.
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