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Hey another question - what does the CD thingy mean on my home page? i don't understand any of the lingo yet. mine says 21!!?? is that good or bad!!? confused.com
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CD ~ Cycle day
TTC ~ Trying To Conceive
O ~ Ovulation
O'd ~ Ovulated
OPK's ~ Ovulation Predictor Kit
SSBD ~ Sending Some Baby Dust
HHNM/HH9M ~ Happy Healthy 9 Months
DH ~ Dearest Hubby
DS ~ Dearest Son
DD ~ Dearest Daughter
2WW ~ 2 Week Wait
AF ~ Aunt Flow as in your period
FX/FC ~ Fingers Crossed
BFP ~ Big Fat Positive
BFN ~ Big Fat Negative
CM ~ Cervical Mucus
EWCM ~ Egg White Cervical Mucus
BBT ~ Basal Body Temp
BD ~ Baby Dance as in make love
DPO ~ Days Past Ovulation
HPT ~ Home Pregnancy Test
TMI ~ Too Much Info
BC ~ Birth Control
I threw a couple more in there for you. Hope this helps =0) Also since it says that your on CD 21 it's not bad it just means that your on your 21 day of your cycle.
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It just means you are on cycle day 21 going off when you put was your day of your last menstral cycle or AF  (Aunt Flow.)  
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Wow thanks so much, makes everything alot easier now. x
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Your welcome =0) I know exactly how you must have felt, when I first joined I had no idea what anything ment lol.
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omg. thank you hahaa. this is a lifesaver!
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