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Can I get pregnant after 2 failed IVFs?

I am through IVF treatment due to my POF. This is going to be my 3d IVF cycle using donor eggs. I feel frustrated as my previous rounds didn't bring any success. I'm having a hard time getting pregnant and would like to know if anyone here is in the same boat. I'm up to have an embryo transfer on Mon but to be honest I feel bad about that. I don't know how to expect positive because I've never experienced it before. Recently, I've checked my lining and it's growing as it was meant to. But still I don't believe I can get pregnant. Please tell me this new donor is a chance for me!
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You have to keep the faith!  Remain hopeful.  I felt the same way a long time ago.  I actually began researching adoption and had resigned myself to this.  I was deep in my research thinking pregnancy wouldn't occur and wa la.  I ended up pregnant.  Life is crazy the way it works out. So, keep your faith!!
Thank you specialmom, this is what I need now. I had transfer this morning. Basically, I feel well physically..but emotionally I'm not that positive. Anyways 2 embies on board and everything is crossed they would stay in there. I'm going to fly back home tomorrow and hope flight won't affect me
I'm happy to hear you got pregnant!
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I’m so sorry that your going thru such a difficult time. I can tell you that IVF does indeed work! I went thru 9 fresh cycles and 1 FET to have our first baby.  I also had another FET and another fresh cycle to have our second.  I had to undergo many procedures because I had to have some congenital abnormalities repaired. My RE also had to try different therapies in addition to the normal IVF process. I was on steroids to lower the possibility that my body was rejecting the pregnancies and I also was on Lovenox (blood thinner).  I was tested for MTFHR and found out that I do not process folate like I’m supposed to. I had to take special folate supplements.  Also, it’s extremely important that your TSH is under 4. You may need to take thyroid meds to lower it. I would ask your RE about some of the things I’ve mentioned. I really hope that you are successful this cycle. I understand how difficult and emotional this whole process is.
Big hugs,
Thank you so much Belle! I'm emotionally exhausted and support is vital now. My husband is miles away from me and couldn't come with me for the ET..so I'm maybe overreacting because I feel lonely.
11 cycles in total?? my goodness...poor thing! How many times have you undergone egg collection? Or have you used donor eggs?
I'll ask my RE about this for sure, this is very helpful! x
I understand being alone. My husband couldn’t take off work for a lot of the visits. There were 2 reasons I had to go thru so many. I have PCOS which caused a couple of the cycles to have to cancel the visit before egg recovery and I couldn’t hold onto a pregnancy. I had a second tri loss because of tri 13 so it was suggested all our embryos be tested before they were implanted (PGS).  I was 39 and 41 yrs old when pregnant so that was also a reason my re suggested PGS. If you have any other questions let me know and I’ll try to help!
I’ll be around if you need to talk. I know it is so nerve wracking during the 2ww. Feel free to message me.
Big hugs
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I'm so sorry you're going through this! Probably I could relate. Here's some of my story. with ex partner ttc for 13 mons without success. He even didn't want to see a dr !! this was actually the reason we broke up (me then - 38 yrs old, left alone and childless).  I'm 40 now, some time ago met my Mr. Right. We got married. clock was ticking so after unsuccessful mons of trying we hurried to the fertility expert. Dh is absolutely great. Me..apart from being old and fat!! dr gave no explanation. ivf#1 failed. ivf#2 - bfp. the difference between the cycles was that did reflexology, ate pineapples and more brazil nuts. Actually I wasn't expecting ivf#2 would work out 'cause 8 of my 10 egg retrieved died before day 5..(our clinic performs only 5day ET). We transferred th eremaining B&B grade 5 day blasts. 1 implanted. I'm currently prego with my baby#1.
The thing I wanna say is that donor eggs may be the blessing. A reputable clinic has proven donors, mine for example, guaranteed at least 3 A grade embies for the transfer in case we needed. Using donor eggs there's no need to worry whether your embies will be good enough for the ET--they'll be just perfect! The other question is to get there..I'm hoping for your soon luck. hugs x
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Hello!  I had  1 fresh Transfer with 1 embryo then 3 Frozen Embryo transfers with 1 embryo, all of which were unsuccessful. Dr. Sent me for an MRI to take a deeper look at what may be impacting implantation and discovered I had adenomyosis which can affect fertility and makes implantation harder. So he started to transfer 2 embryos  instead of one and we were pregnant on the first try. It was a chemical pregnancy and I miscarried a couple days before my 6 week ultrasound. Second try was a success and our rainbow baby is now almost 2. Talk to your Dr. About the MRI to rule out any other issues and make a case for tanaferring two embryos. Best of luck!
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Well thought I could add. Having POF you must be concerned about the egg issues preventing you from success. Have you ever discussed using PGD with your dr? PGD is used to screen for single-gene disorders. Or for chromosomal translocations, where parts of chromosomes are rearranged. It will also identify aneuploidy. I'm not insisting, though. Just a suggestion. Good luck!
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Came here for updates.
The chances of successful IVF depend on various factors, including:
#1Maternal age. Women age 41 and older are often counseled to consider using donor eggs during IVF to increase the chances of success. #2Embryo status. Transfer of embryos that are more developed is associated with higher pregnancy rates compared with less developed embryos (day two or three). However, not all embryos survive the development process. Talk with your doctor or other care provider about your specific situation. #3 Reproductive history. Women who've previously given birth are more likely to be able to get pregnant using IVF than are women who've never given birth. Success rates are lower for women who've previously used IVF multiple times but didn't get pregnant. #4 Cause of infertility. Having a normal supply of eggs increases your chances of being able to get pregnant using IVF. Women who have severe endometriosis are less likely to be able to get pregnant using IVF than are women who have unexplained infertility.
#5 Lifestyle factors. Smoking, for example, can lower a woman's chance of success using IVF by 50 percent. Obesity can decrease your chances of getting pregnant and having a baby.
Talk with your doctor about any factors that apply to you and how they may affect your chances of a successful pregnancy.
Thinking of you and hoping for you.
Thanks sunny days. How are things going for you?  What about an update for you?!!
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