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Can a HSG create infection

I was diagnosed with having hydrosalpinx on my right tube through an ultrasound and was advised to do a HSG to confirm. I did an HSG in August 2009 and I got an pelvic infection for which I was treated with IV antibiotics. I have done 2 IVF cycles before and wanted to do a donor egg IVF soon but was informed that I must do a Salpingectomy to remove the hydrosalpinx - tubes. I was thinking of only removing the right tube.  I recently did a vaginal  ultrasound  and was informed that I have hydrosalpinx on the left tube. I was thinking of saving at least one tube. Doctor said the I may have to remove both tubes. I appreciate if you can address following questions.
1. As my previous HSG in 2006 has clear tubes, can HSG cause hydrosalpinx due to post HSG infection
2. Can hydrosalpinx come and go as I was never informed before of having hydrosalpinx with all the ultrasounds I did before during my IVF cycles etc.
3. Is it advisable to remove both tubes through Salpingectomy - laprascopically
4. Can removal of tubes cause early menapause
Thannk you so much for yur advise in advance.

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I have seen that HSG can cause infection, one of which is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID causes scar tissue in your reproductive organs, which in turn could block your tubes. With a history of PID, the risk of infertility or ectopic pregnancy is greater. I was diagnosed with PID when I was 18 and had an ectopic pregnancy this February. The PID may have been what you were treated for, but even if you are treated, the damage and scarring that it may have cause while it was active is already done. And if there is a history of PID the risk of re-infection through HSG is high. So you should definitely contact your doctor and see what infection you had. As for the rest of your questions, you should definitely seek a medical professional so they can advise you properly. Best of luck!!!
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Those sound like specific medical questions that you should be asking your doctor first. Best wishes :)
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Thank you both for the comments which I appreciate much.
I met with the doctor and his advice was to consider a laproscopic Salpingectomy to remove the tube tha has hydrosalpinx. It may be both tubes as the damage may have caused to both. I feel very bad about removing both tubes but if it is necessary I will seriously consider. I will let everyone know once I completed the procedures so that one can learn from my experience. Best of luck to you two too.
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