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Can anyone interpret my BBT chart?

Hey everyone! I am new to BBT charting, and this is my first chart. I was on the birth control pill for about 5 years and this is my first month off of the pill. I have gone off of it in the past and gotten AF regularly (usually within 30 days). I am now on day 33 and still nothing. Could I be pregnant already? How does my chart look? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Here's my chart: http://***********************/home/351219
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By the way, that's on fertilityfriend (they starred out the name of the website, I guess)
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I can't get to your chart.

In general high temps after ovulation (above the coverline) for 18+ days may indicate pg. A test after that should help determine of course if you are pg or not.

I have heard you are very fertile the first month off of bcp.
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Oh sorry! I copied it into MedHelp's website. There seems to be a discrepancy about what day ovulation was. Hopefully this works:

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I was able to view it.
Looks like your temps are trending down past the coverline even on your date of ov which to me looks like af is coming. Although I hope I am wrong.

Of note, I read that one should wait 3 months to chart after stopping the pill so your body can regulate itself. Not to say, you can't get pg nor ttc just that your charts may be a bit skewed. For me, I did find that was the case for my charts.

A book I love that helps not only with charting but really is an owner's manual for the female reproductive system is "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. You can get it from Amazon that last time I checked. There are other books out there that others have found helpful too.
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can any one help read are bbt chart I am so confused we have been trying for a year and we have tried so many things I had cancer and it would be a blessing for us to have a child http://***********************/ttc/chartgraph_module.php.
that is are chart thus far we got exited but yesterday she was shaky and had cramps then today she is spotting thank you for the info and help in advance.
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