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Chance of pregnancy or getting to menopause already?

Hi all, I'm turning 40 in a couple of months. For the past 3 years (on and off), I've been trying for a baby through IVF. I'm single and have been using sperm donors. I've been operated for endometriosis when I was 35, as I had endometriosal cysts in the ovaries (but surprisingly no pain). At age 37 I tried my first hormonal treatment which was unsuccessful and was considered a poor responder. I then tried two cycles of mild ovarian stimulations which led to 3 embryos in total. I had the 2 (frozen) embryos tranferred last year, without success. I'm now trying to transfer the last embryo, but I feel the whole attempt is meaningless.
My AMH is low (3.9 pmol/l), FSH has always been high-ish (the best I ever had was 12.2 iu/l 2 1/2 yrs back), my periods come every month, but at less regular intervals than before and the last cycle was for the first time anovulatory.
Given all these and the following hormonal levels in the past two cycles (day 2):
E2 = 36.9 pg/mL, FSH = 19.3 mIU/mL, LH = 13.3 mIU/mL (previous month)
E2 = 52.9 pg/mL, FSH = 22.3 mIU/mL, LH = 17.5 mIU/mL (this month)
is it just futile to keep trying? I've seen several specialists all agreeing that I have low ovarian reserve and that I'm a difficult but not impossible case. With all these data, I'm now thinking that perhaps this is a lost cause and doctors won't just plainly say it (partly, let's not forget, this is a ludicrous business). But I will just need to grow into accepting the idea. What do you think? Others with similar condition? What has your own experience been?

Thanks for reading and thanks for any replies in advance.
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That's a hard situation. I feel for you----  so, what is your fertility specialist saying?  You really hope that this type of specialty is honest. If your eggs are depleted to the point of not being available, they should tell you so you can look into other things.  What about donor eggs?  I know that is hard if you wanted your own dna but it is a possibility to get the job done.

I personally would ask your doctor directly.  There are plenty of other women that also need fertility treatment. They will make their money . . . but you need to know as you don't want to keep wasting yours if they feel it is a low possibility.  And you have to decide if it IS a low possibility, at what point it is low enough that you'll let the situation go.  

Again, I feel for you.  I hope you get your baby!
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