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Cycle Buddies 2009 - the saga continues

Hi girls! Hope you're all doing well! It's been a little while since last time I posted, and before I give you guys my update, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words in posts, messages and notes I have recieved! I really appreciate all the support! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. As many of you know, we've had family in town for the past 16 days, and then my husband was laid off in the middle of their visit, which forced us to make a decision whether or not to continue with the IVF. We have decided to go ahead with it, since insurance wouldn't have covered it anyway...and my DH has a temporary contracting job at the moment, so hopefully everything will work out.

I've also had to "sneak" out and get a whole bunch of tests done, since we haven't told our family we're planning on doing IVF, so that was an added stress. But I'm now finally done with everything, and our visitors have left, so I'm officially back!!!! I started lupron 20 units two days ago, and had my trial transfer and water sono that same day. I also got my protocol, and I will be on 3 repronex vials and 1 menopur vial a day once I start the stims. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but also excited. I just REALLY hope it works!

OK! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do....I'll post again later once I've read through the posts on the old thread. Also, if everyone could please give me their current cycle days and info, I'll start a new list.


Heather :-)
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Howdy Heather,
Glad things are moving along for you and u can proceed with IVF.  It was determined that I did not ovulate this past cycle so I am on something like cd36. Unsure when AF will arrive. I am in limbo..
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Oh man, you're kidding! I sure hope AF hurries up and gets here then, so you can start a new cycle! And hopefully that will be your last TTC cycle for another nine months or so ;-) Will you be continuing on clomid?
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Hey girl welcome back - I hope this IVF cycle will be your last and you get your BFP.

As for me AF was late 4 days and finally arrived lastnight - ugh so I am back in the loop - this month I will temp and OPK test and maybe call my dr to give me some clomid or something - So I am CD2.

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WOW, that's exciting. Stressful trying to sneak out, I know that had to be hard. Sounds like you are well on your way to babyville!!
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its called the crm london x
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ok girls im going to have a nervouse break down obviously im going to do this ivf but i hav just been reeding about that hyperstim overays somethink and there is a 1 percent chance of dying from it i no u think im stupid but i suffer with anxiety so im paniking any advice please i haave a scan tomz to checka again for pcos before i got to my idt ivf apt on the 27th woohoo lol
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Hey heather - glad to hear things are moving along!

I am CD 19 - and just had a positive OPK.  We aren't doing IUI's, just clomid with intercourse.  I was recently able to stay home with my daughter due to my husbands work change, but it doesn't allow us to do any fertility treatments =(  

So - anyways...I should O today or tomorrow!
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Yes I am going to remain on Clomid but a higher dose, 150mg. Cd 3-7.
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Welcome back Heather!  It has indeed been a frantic couple of weeks for you.  Glad to hear you decided to continue with the ivf treatment.  All that you have gone thru, it will pay off in GOD's name...

I am officially CD13 today.  I think i O'd early this month (around CD11-CD12) but who knows...Still on the natural cycle.  Hoping I become preggers before ivf treatments in summer/fall.

Glad to have you back my dear, WE'VE MISSED YOU a great deal :-)

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Thank you so much, girls! You guys are the best!

Kramik: Man, that stinks about AF showing up four days late. Just enough time to get your hopes up. Arrgh! Why does she always have show up when she's not welcome? SSBD to you in your new cycle. Hopefully AF will stay away for another nine months after this visit!

Kelly: Thank you so much, I hope so too! How are you doing?

Hannah: Hyperstimulation does happen in some cycle, but it's usually only mild to moderate. The severe cases are very uncommon...especially since the doctors are montoring the follicle development and estrogen levels very closely and can adjust medication accordingly.

Texasangel: Best of luck over the next few days!!! I hope everything works out this month, so you can enjoy being pregnant AND staying home ;-)

Quinns momma: That sounds like a good plan! Hopefully 150 mg will do the trick for you!

Marline/mama1981: You're so sweet! Thank you so much! I hope things work out for you VERY soon too! SSBD!!!

OK, let's see if we can get a new list going...


Quinns momma: CD36, waiting for AF
Kellym: CD21
Texasangel: CD19, clomid cycle, positive OPK today!
Mama1981: CD13 (probably O'd on CD11 or 12)
Kramik: CD2

Heather: On lupron, waiting to start IVF cycle
Hannah: waiting to start IVF cycle
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Hey, I am 4 days late too [CD32 and 17dpiui] and no AF! Did you take a HPT before AF arrived?
I have been testing everyday and been getting a very very faint line. The line neither darkens nor lightens. I just KNOW it hasnt worked out this month , but where is this stupid AF :( without that you cannot even move ahead with plans!
I'm worried sick.
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Heather: we missed you sooooooooo much i think the board was bored without you, I am glad things are working out, praying for you that this will be it and you will get your big fat BFP! you deserve it sooo  much!

As for me I had 3 mature follies and one maybe was got mature by the time I did IUI, very nervous I can feel butterflies in my stomach as I approach the final days....I am 12DPO and I am a 16 day LP so I should expect AF Monday decided not to test because I am too scared of seeing BFN! I will wait it out I have a good feeling AF will show her ugly face!

Kramik: I am so sorry about AF, damm it I was hoping and praying you get that BFP! good luck for next cycle.

Mama1981: sending you some extra SSBD your way!

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Welcome back Heather.  I agree it just wasn't the same without you :)  Good luck with your IVF this cycle....Hope you get your BFP!

Shellbell75 - Hopefully AF doesn't show her ugly face and you get your BFP!!  SSBD!

As for my I am cycle day 7 and have been on 75 of gonal f (double from last month).  I will be doing IUI for the second time.  I go in tomorrow for U/S and hopefully everything is progressing well.  I hope I have more than one follie this cycle so I have a better chance of one sticking.  

I have high hopes that this will be a great month full of BFP's!!!!
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OMG...I am so excited and happy to hear that you're ok girl! You are the tie that binds!!! I am thrilled about your upcoming IVF. I know you will be delighted with results and can't wait to celebrate with you....but most of all, glad you're safe!!!!  If you read the previous posts, I had my very own BFP this month, but miscarried two weeks into the pregnancy...5 days after finding out. We were very sad, but are starting a new cycle now. Today is c/d 4. I start Clomid tomorrow and will take for five days....cycle days 5-9. Things were different this month cause of heavy flow. I have appt on Wednesday with Re for ultrasound and E2...I am looking forward to this month's IUI and hoping the sticky vibes help stick this month. Heather....had a rough couple of days...cause no matter how you look at it...it's a loss. Hopeful and I both went thru the same at about the same time...weird. Anyway.....time to look into the future and keep positive....So happy that you're back...can't stress it enough!!!! xoxo

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Heather5 so lovely to hear from you and all is well. How exciting you have started a IVF cycle. I wish all the best for this cycle.

Things here are well just had a egg retrieval today Friday 13th and yep there were 13!!! 13 is a good number in our family so hoping that a sign.. Have my transfer on Wed.. Then blood test on the Monday the 30th.. This is the one, its just gotta be...

Baby Dust to all
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I missed you so much!  I've been so busy since I've returned from the cruise...  I so glad to see that you have a new post.  I'm so glad to see that you and DH have decided to continue with IVF.  I'll be testing on Monday - CD30.  I cannot determine when O took place, as usual.  Just know that today is CD27.  Can't wait to read your post...  Love y'all.

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Jessime: Good to hear from you, how was the cruise? hope you had lots of fun and here's to a BFP for you, I am 13dpo AF is expected Sunday or Monday.

-SSBD to all
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Jennifer: thanks and good luck to you too!

ALL- Hoping and praying we all get our BFP, we all deserve it!
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Shellbell75-My fingers and toes are crossed for you my dear.  I truly hope and pray all works out and you geet the BFP...xoxo

Ingy77-Congrats on such wonderful news on the ER today.  I3 eggs on the 13th is indeed very lucky for you my dear.  That is a start to goods things that are on the way.  Please keep us posted with your progress and espeically after ET on Wednesday.  Will be praying for the BFP on the 30th as well...xoxoxo

Jessime-Welcome back girl.  How was the cruise?  I know it's always hectic and busy when coming back from having time off.  Praying you get your BFP too when you test.  Keep is posted.

As for me, something weird is happening as I am CD14 today and I think I feel my normal ovulation pains I get every month.  But had similar pains on Monday/Tuesday of this week as well.  Well anyway, just means more BDing for DH and I to try and capture that egg (eggs)...Trying without the stress is soo much more fun.  I am happy I am in a much better place.  Hoping for BFP before IVF.

Again, welcome back Heather :-)

SSBD to you all.
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Can you count me in?? Thanks!!
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Mama1981: Thank you so much! Good luck to you and keep bedding, I heard woen dropping another egg a day or two after the normal ovulation so keep bedding, sending you some extra SSBD!
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whiteswan: all are welcome, good luck to you too!
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I have something weird happening to me!  I'm not suppose to test til CD 30 per my Dr. and that's not til Monday.  I just got home from work and I always start feeling AF pains before she arrives and today not so much but when I got home, I went peepee....  I wiped and there was old blood.  Lots!  I mean, when I wiped, it was thick looking.  I kept wiping til I think I got all of it...  Yuck - TMI, sorry.  I thought it was all gone then I wiped more and noticed a clear eggwhite discharge.  Where and why does old blood come from?  I know that's a silly question but I've never heard anyone talk much about it before...  Any replies welcomed...   SBBD.
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Jessime: maybe its implantation?? I am not sure never had anything like that! gook luch though!

Heather/ALL: I am out for this cycle AF reared her ugly face in today I know and early too 13dpo, I am just so sad I cry cry cry :-( so  much, but I guess its not my time yet!

-SSBD to all

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