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Cycle buddies Start Sept. 2010

Looking for anyone beginning their IVF cycles  around September 2010 told i needed to reach out and connect with someone who is going through the same thing as the DH and I. Please contact me if possible. Very interested in the success stories also since this will be our first time.
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Hi there, I just posted about my situation. I am hopefully starting IVF then as well. As long as my blood work comes back okay the first week of Aug. My E2 level was high last cycle at 110 but FSH 7.7. It will be our first too. We have been trying for 2 years after a m/c at 10 weeks. It would be great if we could share our stories. I don't have anyone that truly understands. And if I hear "it will happen" one more time I am going to scream. Of course it always comes from someone with a baseball team of kids. (Sorry about the rant)

What have you done yet: blood work, injections, the pill?

Our RE has DH on 1000mg of Vit C and MVI and I'm on 2000iu of Vit D, Tums and prenatal.  
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So happy to hear from someone...
we have completed our SA for my DH and now we are waiting for AF on August 1st so we can do bloodwork and a saline ultrasound thingy. pending those coming out normal we will begin taking BCP's on September 1st hopefully. we told our parents and his were all excited, mine on the other hand said "why would you put yourself through that" so needless to say my parents are not quite as supportive would be great to be able to chat it up with someone who understands. i will do that little friend request thing. its great we are having the same experiences kinda a relief for me.
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I will hopefully be going for FET#3 (my last 2 ended in miscarriage, 1st at almost 12 weeks and second one at almost 6 weeks) starting in September. I am just waiting for the RE to call me back as i am on a waitlist. My last miscarriage was at the begining of july so i am not sure if i will get the call this month or next but i am really hoping it will be with in the next few days! I will keep you posted if i am in your group or not! Good luck to both of you!

I did one fresh cycle july 2009 and have done 2 FET's so i have been through it all...Feel free to ask any questions and i might be able to help!
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So it definately looks like we are going to be Sept IVF-ers. I think we are starting BCP on the same day or I'm starting one day ahead. As long as AF shows up on time on the 30th of Aug. I am so happy to share this with you. I just saw your other post. I can't believe that some people respond to doing treatments like that. I bet they didn't have a problem getting pregnant. Which is usually the way. You get your calendar Thurs right? You will have to let me know, I would love it if we are the same day.

krichar- I will keep you in my thoughts. I hope you get the phone call and can start with us in Sept. Good Vibes. Keep us posted when they call.

Well girls, this is it. I am so excited I can hardly sit still. I have never wanted AF to show up so bad before. This is going to be a long month, but fortunately I have a vacation coming up from the 21st til the 28th. Family fun time. DH and I are going with my parents, my sister, brother-in-law and their two kids. We rented a house on Sebago Lake in Maine. I can't wait to sit back and enjoy the sun for a week. Okay, enough rambling, I will keep everyone posted and maybe just chat for the next couple of weeks til we all get started.

SSBD and hugs,
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Hey everyone!!! Im so hapy to find out you are all around the same time frame as me.  This will be my 2nd fresh cycle IVF.  I had a miscarriage late June at 6 weeks.  AF showed up august 1st and Im now waiting for august 14th to start Lupron.  ooooo how we love Lupron....lol  If everything comes out as planned I should be having the transfer done by Sept 12.  Hopefuly this will be our month and we get some good pregnancys and healthy babies out of this ordeal.  

krichar - here we are again, will love it if we can do it together, will pray for you to get that call soon.  

nmenyo - Im very excited too and hoping that God gives us a hand and we achive our goal!!!!!

rmartinez2009 - Parents dont always understand, they dont want to see us going thru such hard times.  That's what we buddies are here for.  I had IVF on June that ended on a miscarriage and my buddies were my biggest help.  Well krichar is here to testify for that, she was one of the great ones with great words.  

Here we go and GOD is with us, we are going to make it this time, positive and faith are the words for september...... XOXOXOXOXO

You are on in my prayers!!!!
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Okay I have a quick question. I had my Day 10 ultrasound today. I had something like 15 follies on one side and 13 on the other. No stim drugs used. Only 5 or so were greater than 10mm. Does this sound normal? Do you think I will overstimmulate on the injections? I can't wait for the doctor to call me later, I am not being very patient :-) I just want everything to go smoothly for everyone this month.

Sisi2399 Ohhh, that is one month away, you must be so excited. As crazy as it sounds I can't wait to start the injections because that means we are that much closer to achieving our dream. Although, talk to me after a week of taking them :-) I might have a different opinion. Although the trigger shot scares me.
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you guys are funny about the injections. i hate needles like a baby so this will  be a test of pure will power. thank you all for the support with my mom i just dont talk to her about it at all anymore. i start lupron on august 20th with a tentative egg retrieval on the 17th of september my DH's birthday.( i personally think this is an awesome day).

nicole i don't think you will overstimulate, when i went i had 10 on 1 side and 19 on the other and they said nothing about overstimulation.

SSBD to all of you and welcome sisi2399
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Well RE called today but i have no idea why :( played telephone tag all day. I am hoping they are calling to set up another cycle. I am so happy we had so many frost babies...i DID NOT like the injections at all. Maybe i will find out more tomorrow...I will keep you all posted

sisi- Yes here we are again!!! Maybe this time when we go through this together it will be a happier outcome!!!
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Looks like i am out for September FET. RE wants to run some more tests and possible genetic testing to see why i keep miscarrying before i transfer any more embies. I used to have 17 frost babies and i am now down to 7 so they want to make sure first... (((((sigh))))) Oh well.... Good luck ladies!!!
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So sorry to here that you won't be joining us but it may be better they do the testing since your down to 7 good luck and SSBD. Hey you can still post and let us know what happens and what the RE says still SSBD to you and everyone else....
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Okay, the doctor finally called me back and everything looks good. Just waiting for insurance approval. He doesn't seemed too concerned with overstimulation. I do have one small 3mm fibroid, but they don't seemed to be worried about that either. I hope it is not something to be concerned about.

Rmartinez - Your DH's birthday, that is awesome. What a lucky day. Hoepfully all works out and you will be able to do the ET on that day. Good Sticky Vibes.

Sisi - You started your injections today, YEAH!!! I bet they are not as bad as the anticipation, huh?

Krichar - Sorry to hear the news. But It will be better to know whats going on than to have to go through another mc. Keep us posted and hopefully you will be a late entry in Sept :-)

So now just the wait for AF so I can start BCP. I feel like this whole process is "hurry up and wait" I am more of an instant gratification type of person, so this should be interesting :-) I hope everyone is doing well and have a great rest of the weekend. One more week til vacation YIPEE!!!

SSBD to all.
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Well Ladies yes I started Lupron yesterday morning and I say yesterday cause is already 1:30 am.  Cant sleep and I dont know why.  Im actually feeling good and relaxed.  Before I had the injection it was like wow!!!! here we go again.  God pleae help me.  Im happy Im back at it.  Im cant wait to have my baby.

krichar - I know waiting is not fun but maybe is better then actually going and miscarring again, I know how painfull that is. But knowing there is a problem and resolving it is better then not knowing and not achive your goal of a baby.  god knows best.  I will pray for you to be back at it asap.  XOXOXOXOXO

rmartinez - itfeels great to have dates, is like you can drive yourself crazy counting every sec and you are actually enjoying it.  It would be great if you can for sure have your transfer on your DH birthday.  How exciting!!!!

nmenyo - I always ask myself why is it that I always have to be either wishing AF shows up or wishing it doesnt.  WOW GOd please help us.  I hope you see your AF soon so we can be close to eachothers transfer and blood work dates.

You are all in my prayers!!!!! Lots and Lots of Baby dusts for all of us!!!!!  
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Question: does anyone know if it is normal to
Have a discharge and to have to pee a lot 3 days
Before you start lupron, I'm just curious
Its a little wierd to me but I may just be noticing
This stuff because doing IVF makes you pay way closer
Attention to your body. Anyway sorry SSBD to all of you enjoy
The day
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Had appt. with RE and he started me on BCP today. I'll start Lupron and Stims probably the 2nd week in Sept. then egg retrieval/transfer around the week of 9/20. Sooo that means I'm joining you all this September cycle. This will be my 2nd IVF attempt. Last IVF was successful but I miscarried at 16 weeks. I'm hoping to go all the way this time. I have two frozen embies but the plan is to do a  fresh cycle and hopefully we will have more to freeze for another cycle. I'm excited and ready to get going. Time is not on my side :)
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welcome to our little group of IVF hopefuls for the month of September and we are glad you can join us. sorry for your loss on your last cycle but we will pray and pray that we will all get our BFP's and have a wonderful happy healthy 40 weeks... anytime you like just post one of us is on most of the time. its a small group now but hopefully as we get closer to september there will  be more of us trying for the BFP that we have all been praying for...SSBD to all of you
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Going to the doc tomorrow!!! They had a cancellation so hopefully i will be in soon!!!
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck girl..... woohoo!!!!
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Hello all! It looks like I will be back in the game for the Sept run. Some of you I know and some I can't wait to get to know! We are doing a FET in Sept as long as AF cooperates and they thaw properly. So, this is my early cheers to us. I hope this is our month. I will say a prayer for all, many blessings in store.

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Hi Girls, Welcome.
LaPoo - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. But I am glad you are joining us for Sept.

Verysoon - That is great you are able to join us. When is AF due? I haven't wanted her to show for 2 years and now I can't wait to see her so we can get started.

Krichar - How did the doc's go. I hope you are able to join us in Sept.

Rmartinez - 2 days til injections start, YEAH!!! Good luck, don't think about it. The anticipation of the shot is probably worse than the actual shot.

As for me, I am probably a little behind everyone, but I am waiting patiently (not really) for AF to show so I can start BCP. She is supposed to be here on Aug 30th. I am getting excited. I hope everyone is doing well, happy thoughts and SSBD to all.
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Oh, yeah I wanted to let you ladies know that I have my first Acupuncture appt tomorrow. I am a little nervous because I had it done years ago for something else and it hurt like crazy. But the place is supposed to be wonderful so I am hoping that this helps. I have heard great things about acupuncture, so I am willing to try anything to increase my chances.
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Nicole- good luck with the acupunture. Can't wait
For you to start I know it sounds crazy.

All: welcome you ladies who have recently joined us
How exciting that we will have so much support

YES. Shot start 2 days. Ahahah so I will administer my own
Lupron shot 10 units at 7am on friday morning . Did I
Tell all of u how much I hate needles like cry about it.
The things we will do and fears we will comfront to
Ensure reaching our dreams. It is absolutely awesome to me
How strong a women can be. Anyway I am done rambling
SSBD to all of you and good luck with the doctor K. Love you guys
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I wrote a journal about what happened today that i have left open if you all want to read it! Long story short if the blood work and SHG come back normal we will start superfact in sept transfer in oct. Maybe i can still tag along with you guys!!

Verysoon- Welcome back! I am glad you are going again...I was suppose to start but they are doing some tests to see why i keep miscarrying. If the blood works is ok and the SHG is fine i will start superfact (like lupron but a nasal spray...not injection) in september and FET in October...maybe on my birthday :)

LaPoo- Welcome!!! I have seen you on some other threads but never have had a chance to talk to you yet!!! Good luck on this cycle!

nmenyo- When will you be doing your IVF then? Just curious to your docs protocol! If you start BCP after your AF at the end of Aug. Will you be transfering in September or October? I will start my superfact (like lupron) after my next AF at the begining of Septmeber! as long as all the tests come back normal or fixable

rmartinez2009- good luck with the shots! I hated it as well but it was worth it! Just keep the goal in mind and it will be easier! SSBD and good luck!!

sisi-I wrote a journal if you want to see what happened today...How are you doing?
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Hi ladies,
Kritchar - I just read your journal and wanted to say that I am so sorry that you were having a bad day. I too feel the same way. I m/c on June 20 2008. My due date was Jan 5, 2009. It just so happend that Fathers day fell on June 20th of this year. Horrible feeling for us both. And we just found out that our sister-in-law is due Jan 5th 2011. That kinda hurt too. Of all days why would they happen to fall on those. I still have my days but get through them knowing that I am doing everything in my power to see that we have a healthy baby. I never understood the meaning of "everything happens for a reason" until we started going through this. I used to think that statement was bull. Sorry for the rant, I just want you to know you are not alone.

Also my schedule is as follows:
BCP on day 2 of my next cycle (Aug 30th) for 3 weeks
cycle day 19 start  Lupron
and then a bunch of bloodwork and ultrasounds
then I should get my AF again,
then I start the other shots and monitoring.
I should have the ER in the last week of Sept or first week in Oct.

We should be right on the same schedule, I would love for you to tag along. I will keep my fingers crossed that everything comes back normal and okay to start. When are your appointment?

Rmartinez - 1 MORE DAY, YEAH!!!!!! Don't let the anticipation get to you, I know easier said than done. I can't wait to hear about how it was nothing after. We are such wimps but so strong at the same time. It is amazing what we will overcome to achieve this dream. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow for your big first day.

As for me - I am getting ready for acupuncture appt today. I will let you know how it goes. Talk about being nervous about needles. I am going to have like 20 of them sticking out of me in a couple of hours YIKES!!!!
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Hey Doll, thanks for the welcome.  AF should come mid Sept and then I start meds, although; I'm not sure what they are yet.  My nurse just told me to call her on my 2nd day.  I'm excited and nervous again.  I did just find out that my insurance wont cover the entire thaw process so we have a hefty out of pocket expense. It stinks, but such is life.  At least I have time now to save it up.  I hope your results come out great and you can move forward again. Of course keep me posted.

My hubby is bound and determined to do it naturally this month.  We'll see what happens that would be superfantastic!

Thank you to all for the warm welcome. It feels good to be back at it again! Prayers to you all!
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