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DH has less than 1% normal sperm, need more info. please read

My husband got back his SA results (had one prior in 2008 which was fine).  This time his morphology came back as being 1% of the sperm were normal and 99% abnormal.

My question is can abnormal sperm still get my pregnant ? The reason I ask is b/c we have lost 5 babies (have 1 daughter at home) and I was wondering if his abnormal sperm could impregnate me but then I miscarry b/c they are abnormal.  Any info would be much appreciated. thank you
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Thank you for the responses but we are not unfotunately there is more to our story so even if we could get pregnant again I can't keep one.  I've lost 5 babies and have 1 child at home.  WIth no real reason for my body to keep miscarrying them.  I also have PCOS and a severe case of endometriosis.  Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at what has all happened and see the "signs' so to speak.  In my situation I feel like we have reached our "point"  It was definately not an easy decision but we feel like its the right thing for us.

I wish everyone so much luck as they try to extend their families.
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Hello dear,
You mentioned at the beginning that your husband's SA results were ok in 2008. May be if you can get a second opinion there could still be hope.
Due to your young age, your eggs might be of good quality even though premenopausal.
It is ok to take any decision if you feel 100% that it is the right one, however I believe that you need to make sure that you have investigated all possibilities.
I have started trying and my husband's sperm was good (2008) and now it is quite bad but he is 47 yrs old.
I will be moving into donor eggs and sperm I believe soon, so there are always other options...
Take care xxx
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Thanks hun!  Wow, premenopausal at 27, so sorry to hear. You're very strong for coming to such a decision. I wish you both the best!

They did suggest it, but I have such awful periods my husband has always been "concerned" with my pain and getting me help before pushing the idea of getting pregnant. Anyways, thank you and best of luck to you and your husband!! :)
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we have been told that with his abnormal sperm and me being premenopausal (yes at 27 years of age! shock!)  that our chance of a "special needs or downs" child would be a lot higher.

b/c of that we have decide to stop ttc and he will be getting a vasectomy in march.  we can't imagine bringing a special needs child into the world and them possibly suffering b/c of our own selfish desires.  i wouldn't love them any less but idon't want them to suffer..

its been a VERY hard decision but i think its the right one for us unfortunately....

i'm very surprised that they have not tested your husbands sa before this. that was the very first thing they did before they tested me for anything b/c it was so easy to do.  i wish you all the luck inthe world and best wishes
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Hi hun!  Sorry to hear about his SA. I'm no experct but I would think that what you said is true. You CAN get pregnant, but because of his sperm being abdormal it doesn't develope properly causing miscarriage.  I'm also sorry to hear of your miscarriages. I'm kinda in the same boat. I've been trying for 10 yrs and never once becoming pregnant. I think it's hubby as I've had everything under the sun done and I'm "fine". We'll be doing our own SA next month and I'm afraid of the results but I kinda know deep down it's him.  Having a reason as to why, helps. Anyways, sorry for rambling, but I do think that's why you can't sustain a pregnancy because of the abnormal sperm.  I've read there's alot of vitamin's out there that can help with that and since he had healthy ones before, should be a simple fix.  Will you be finding out anymore info from the dr.?  I hope so! Good luck hun!!
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anyone???? please?
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