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DHEA with Very Low AMH Levels

Hi Ladies,

I just found out today that my AMH levels are 0.26, which is terribly low. We are planning on doing IVF in a few months....

I am just wondering how many of you ladies with similar low AMH levels had progress with taking the supplement DHEA?? According to my RE, he says this can't hurt but can only help! I am being asked to take this supplement 3 times a day at 25 mg for at least 2 months before trying IVF.
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That's awesome! Thank you for sharing ;) I really appreciate it! It gives me food for thought.
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Wow thank you for sharing but my goodness you have been through so much! I'm so sorry for all that you have had to endure, it's not easy. It takes so much strength from within us that we never knew we had. *hugs* I really appreciate you sharing your story with me, it helps so much! I'm praying that your next blood results are even higher. Keep me posted on that ;). I will be thinking of you!
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My AMH was 0.46 and it improved to 0.52 on DHEA and other supplements.
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I have been taking Dhea for 3 months my amh level was .26 now its .35. I a plan on taking it for another month to see what happens. I have read on the posts where ppl get pregnant with very low amh levels. It's kinda of a last resort for me as I have done 6 ivfs and only had 1 pregnancy that ended in miscarriage in 2010. I make many eggs upto 23 and I only have 1 ovary but I think the quality is poor. I am due to check my amh soon so I will update. I ran out of insurance so now I have to pay fully out of pocket but thank god I have a good job.
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