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Day 6 after IVF

hi there...This is my 1st IVF wif ICSI. I've gone thru embryo transfer on 6/8,  wif 2 embryos on day3....Waiting for 2 weeks b4 preggy test. I really hope tis IVF will go right. Have been married for 5 years now and have gone thru 2 IUIs..So far resting at home. the thing is i dont feel any changes like cramps for the 1st 4 days. i don't do much work, just lie down watching tv, no excess bending wat so ever.
am i suppose to feel anything? is everything ok?
on day 5 ( today ) i have some white discharge. im still confuse right now.  am i ok ? r my embryos alright ? the two weeks wait is killing me.. pls help me ladies..
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I didn't have any symptoms after my transfer except my back hurting.  (which I actually attribute to lying in bed so long!)  Every once in a while I would get a cramp or a twinge and wonder, but honestly, didn't have anything to report.  I am now 25 weeks pregnant with twins, so I guess that is normal in some cases!!  Just try and relax, as everything is progressing normally!  Best wishes!
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thanks girl..congrats to u too...may u have an easy pregnancy ahead.
i guess tis anxious feeling will go away after the preggy test....
i just hope for the best!
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Hi. I had my transfer on Friday 6/7. They put in 3 embryos, we did icsi too. I'm so nervous and I even bought "the secret" to keep my spirits up!

It's tough, but its nice to know people are out there in the same situation as me!!!
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The discharge is due to the extra hormones from the progesterone. Cramps are likely due to retrieval and transfer - any time your uterus gets fussed with it contracts. Because of the progesterone and (estrogen if you are on it), you may get pg symptoms so try not to read into anything too much. You may have implantation spotting at some point so don't freak if there is a little blood. The 2ww *****. Resting is good, but not if it making you nuts. Just don't lift anything heavy and try to stay as relaxed as possible. I had a IVF/ISCI with a 3 day transfer and am 20w5d. Keep your hopes up!
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thanks for all the support gals. wishing u all the best too. i have 5 more days to wait b4 PT. Had a slight fever wif diarrhoea. slept the whole day thru. it wont affect my implant rite? im soo worried.
by the way, is it ok if we were to lie down on our tummy during implantation. not exactly lie flat but just the side...need ur views on this...
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It really sounds like you now have a bug.  I don't know about the part where you lie on your tummy - I lied on my back w/the table tilted back a little.  You having the diarrhea will not affect implantation of your embryo(s).

Try not to stress - I know first hand how hard that is!  Keep positive by visualizing positive results & try to keep busy.  Best of luck on your upcoming beta! - jen
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congrats to all and for those still waiting hang in there. I just found out 8/13 we are pregnant..my HCG was 226 and doc said may be more then one(transferred 4)..as far as the slight fever you are having...that is normal when doing these things....a low grade fever is usually because of the hormones and the body going through ovulation and such..your fine. Talk to your Doc about it if you are to concerned.

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thanks for the encouragement dear... Congrats to u too!!....hope i will have good news too this wednesday ( 8/19 )..wish me luck gals...
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Im 6 days after transfer . I had 2hr severe cramps on day 4. I have no symptoms at all. Its driving me crazy. Will take progesterone levels again. On day 3 they were fine
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