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Digi vs IC

I have always used internet cheapies as I'm a POAS-aholic  :) they have always gone positive the day before I ovulate and so my temp has gone up 2 mornings after the +++
This cycle I decided to try tamoxifen/novladex as I keep mc on clomid ( I do have clomid twins and singleton) the mc rate on clomid is 20% compared to 6% on tamoxifen FYI.
Anyway ths month I decided to try the clearblue digital dual hormone test. Had low fertility the first few days inc cd14... Did another cd14 afternoon and got flashing smiley indicating oestrogen rise... Next morning cd15 fmu solid smiley which is as good as a positive opk... So I dipped a cheapie in the same sample and nt only was it neg but line was barely visible!! Cm was thick and infertile! Later on the cheapie was getting darker but not positive then started fading again by early eve. The digi smiley stays for 48 hours so unable to retest!!
*Cd16 temp rose from 36.2 to 36.4 and cheapie had been getting darker through out the morning and was so close to positive and cm was getting fertile so went ahead and triggered with Hcg  as DTD cd15 and cd16.
*Cd17 temp still at 36.4 but the weather had gotten drastically warmer so not sure if that's why! Couldn't test cd17 as Hcg gives positive opk. 8.30pm after lots of twinges etc since the eve before I felt 2 shooting pains my tummy felt heaby and trobbing and then all the twinging etc  stopped after that....
*Cd18 DTD again to cover all bases as I can O up to cd20! Cervix was still soft high and slightly open and cm watery ( normally 24 hours after O cervix clamps shut & is long) so I'm still thinking cd17 the shooting pains were O...
*cd19 temp shot up to 36.64 (from 36.4 the previous 3 mornings)
This morning (cd19) my nipples are starting to do their pregnant thing which they've only ever done 2dpo onwards but not sure f it's side effect from tamoxifen!
Fertility friend has not detected ovulation as I missed a few temps while away for a few days... Anyway my temps say I ovulated cd15 which was the day after I got peak reading on cbd... But was only cd15 I got the v nearly pcos opk and I've tested every 4 hours! I've always used these tests and they're 20miu so how we're they neg when a 40miu digi was positive? My body says I ovulated cd17! Which is 30 hours after I triggered and after almost positive which sounds right. But how can digi and temps be so wrong? Don't get me wrong I'm not daft when it comes to fertility. In fact I thought I knew it all lol. But ths has just totally confused me. It's not fault with the cheapiescasve done loads of cycles on them and ovulated a day later.... Anyone else experience this? Maybe digi not for me as I surge for a few days trying to get a pos and I read the digi detects an increase but still it should ave been 40miu and it wasn't! Meant to say my coverline onFF is about 36.3 but ve done that myself! Sooo confused!
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