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Do not understand...

Is someone suffers from constant spotting on day 20???

I have it for 5 cycles now. can anyone tell me whats the pb and what meds I will be prescribed?
I was told clomid is an option but I do not have any problem with my ovulation and progesterone...only low estradiol2 on the luteal phase I guess...
not sure...

can someone explain??

Worried and Sad...
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Well early spotting could be because of hormonal imbalance or endometriosis/polyps/fibroids/etc. Your AF comes each month because your progesterone suddenly drops in the leutal phase. To me it looks like your progesterone start to drop much earlier than required. I would say you should talk to a specialist and get advise, since this is kinda recent (as you stated since 5 months only). Also not sure what your age is, but it could be signs of menopause. Depending upon your condition and what u want to do, the specialist will prescribe a med. To keep the progesterone level high during the leutal phase, RE prescribe prometrium or progesterone suppositories usually. These infact support featal growth too.
Hope it helps
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Thanks a lot 4 yr answer.
I have more details...maybe you can enlight me more.
I am 33 and 4 months.
You said that maybe my progesterone levels drop early but I did a blood test on day 21 and the level was 10.5 ng/ml (33.6 nmol/l) which is good and indicates ovulation.
The pb is not ovulation but only the spotting, I do ovulate naturally by US and OPK.

MOREOVER, when I did the blood test on day 21 I was akready spotting from the previous evening....is it still say progesterone drop???

Please help me..

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It could be something else then.
Some people spot around that time because of implanatation...but in your case it has been consistent for a couple of months.
Have you gotten your sonohysterogram/hsg/hysteroscopy done....that could reveal if your have anything abnormal in your uterus....and beleive me these polyps and stuff can develop whenever.
Ur RE is the best judge based on your situation. I can only advise based on the limited information I have gathered during my treatment.
For me the spotting is usually 2-3 days before periods start and it is because of hormonal imbalance.

In general u get your AF because of progesterone withdrawal

Did you get ur full flow after the spotting or just keep spottiong for several days?
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