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Donor situation

I have a confession because I feel like an imposter.  I am not doing IVF- I had to have an egg donor.  Perhaps there is another forum I should be in.  Anyway- I am having some difficulty because the closest information I can usually access is IVF- but I am not doing IVF exactly.  For example, the meditation CDs for IVF do not exactly apply because I do not do the part that applies to follicle stimulation.  I wish I were- but I do not have viable eggs.  My child will never have any of my characteristics- that said I am blessed it will have my husbands!  He has the better genes anyway!    I started my lupron on Monday and am a "go" for September.

Anyway- you all are so kind and supportive.  I just wanted to get this out there.  Thank you for answering my posts!
I really do wish everyone on here all the happiness and joy.  You will be great mothers since you have such generous and caring hearts!
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Hi globetrot. Just wanted to say HI and goodluck with journey! Hopefully everything will work out beautifully once September rolls around. You sound like such a positive person and any child would be happy to have you as their mom!
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There are other people on here working with donors. You are not an imposter!!!! Agree that you are not sharing some of the same treatments before they implant you, but after that you will :)
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Besides, it is still IVF.  IVF is in-vitro fertilization, which means, fertilization of the egg in the petri dish rather than in the human body.  (In vitro means "in glass.")  By all definitions, you're doing IVF.  It's immaterial in that definition whether you produced the egg or someone else did.

Incidentally, especially if you chose a donor that looks like you, your child will look like you.  Kids get much of their body language and vocal inflection from the parents who raise them (even adoptees can often resemble their adoptive parents in their body language, stance and other choices).  Not only that, there is a body of research that suggests kids get some genetic input from the woman who bears them, whether it is her egg or not.  Some of the theory is about actual transfer of DNA, and some of it is about "gates;" i.e., that the mother's body gives the child prompts to turn on or not turn on certain characteristics, and directs its development that way.  So there is more connection than you might think.
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